Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where was I on 9-11-01?

Even Superman had no clue....

I was living in Yuma, Arizona. It was the last monthes of my drug war days. How I got to Yuma is a long and more personal story.

I had met a couple from Ellensburg, WA who were always talking about it and how soon they would be going back. The wife was working and I was visiting the husband and kid when the wife called and said turn on the TV. OMG. After watching it all, my friend loaded up the car and looked for a place that was open where we could buy a rifle. I was looking up at the sky and saw a jet flying high and for a fraction of a second was scared, but I knew in my heart that IF they were using commercial airliners as missles, they were pretty desperate and this was probably all that we would experience.

A week later, we are off to Washington in a UHaul.  We wanted to see the Grand Canyon, but we were not allowed to drive the Uhaul over the Hoover Dam.  Reason was that maybe we could have lots of explosives in it?  Everywhere they had those lettering type marquis billboards (where you change the letters with a long stick with a suction cup on the end) that would say "God Bless the USA".  During that week before we started off,  my friend liked Karaoke and we had gone and I had heard the Lee Greenwood "Proud to be and American....God bless the USA" song for the first time ever and EVERYBODY stood up and sang (me, too).

Yes.  The couple took me along to Washington.  Her older sister is an ex addict and boozer gone immaculately sober.   We lived in her basement for a spell in Spokane.  I was truly impressed that a woman that was harder a druggie than I was could come out so accomplished and beautiful in the heart. Just meeting these people was enough for me to just stop drugs.  There is a younger set of sisters in my friend's large Catholic family.  Identical twins, but one did drugs for a long time and the other did not.  You can see the difference is drastic and they are no longer identical.  I swear that they could be poster faces for before and after drugs.

  If I had not gone with that couple, I would probably be in prison or worse dead.  They literally saved my life.

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