Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Latest episode- Caprica

Must see series if you like SciFi this will definitely satisfy your palette! They decided to do a split season. The first viewing was Season 1.0 (episode 1-9). The current 1.5 just began on October 5th with episode 10. You can still view as far back as episode 7 either at SyFy Rewind-Caprica 
or at Hulu-Caprica
If you haven't seen it from the beginning you won't go wrong buying the season 1.0

Or you can Add to your Netflix queue HERE

SEASON 1.5 episode 111

(bluezy edit Jan. 2011) I am not going to delete the Hulu link. It will be here as a reminder of how something that was is no longer! Maybe if the robot would receive tomorrows newspaper today or meet angels or have a decadent cartoon family in it, it would last longer. Simpsons is on season 22 isn't it?

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