Sunday, December 12, 2010

Follow up-Hook your TV to your PC

Two months ago, I connected the to the TV!  OMG!  It is awesome.  The TV is like a giant monitor.  We use my daughters HP lappy.  It does not strain at all and the fan keeps it cool.  My blog is so colorful on it and the youtube is like a drive in movie!
So I brought this back and I am lazy today.  I have this massive blog animation project going on and what computer time life allows me is on that one.  I have been real busy taking care of the g babies.  I don't like them competing with the computer for my time.

[ATGR, I actually know this song and went to a concert in Bakersfield when they emmerged with Korn (Bakersfield, too) sponsoring. They were playing at the local Technical College for 5 bucks].

Get a playlist!

These are connection port images taken from Ultimate PC to TV Guide website [link here]
It is just a fucking cord to the TV (SO SIMPLE) It is plug and play.  if you have trouble go find a YouTube tutorial.  Some YouTube videos put "broadcast yourself" to the limit"!

I have been a streamer for over 8 yrs.
It is a war of the sponsors, I think.  They can't fuck with you every 3 minutes, so these sites might want money if you want to watch it without commercials.  SyFy held out streaming their last episodes of  Caprica.  It will be interesting to be a part of the history of this change.
 How will they do it?  How much will it cost?  Of course it is all about the Benjamins!
If you want to watch streams online, hopefully you are lucky and find some that are good quality.  Mostly, if you miss a show on the networks, you will be able to go to their website and see it in HD quality.  They have a day or time after the airing you can then go to it as long as it is on.  Hulu lets you cue them as they come in and has them available for a certain time before they delete them. And now you have Hulu Plus which means that free Hulu is now LESS in free choices.

I have watched many a movie and TV show streams. Oh and I caught up on the Anime fascination via streams.  Now that I have  Netflix, I check out what is on their watch instantly selections.

I really appreciate the efforts of the Link to websites. but if they want any of my money, stand in line!  The whole reason I stream and do not buy is because I am a broke ass old bitch who wants to see it all NOW.  Yes, before I die. 

If a Star Wars fan died before May 1983, they would of  died without the knowledge that Han got freed from his carbonite prison?   I just don't wanna go like that.

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