Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emily The Strange Re-Visited,

The above videos were created by fans on a website called  It apparently was up and running in the spring of 2010 as a demo.  I went there after discovering a video from there.  They were closed up and just showing awesome creations.  I ganked the first one with my Mozilla add on called YouTube downloader and then ganked the song off of and used my free converter programs to put it on Windows Movie Maker (free accessory with XP and Vista), added a couple of more pics.  Another geeky winter day....

I published this blog post a while back.  Since then, there has been a definite statement on the movie.
I tooned her to give you an idea of what kind of Emily she might be...
It would be refreshing for an unknown to pop in that may already have dark long hair and could gain our affection as an audience.  The creator of Emily is stoked, though that Chloe is doing it.

Personally, I am not a part of the majority.  I like Emily because she is the weird girl not everybody would like.  Do a google search and see how all the Chloe pics she is smiling.  Just now for this and the other one I used to GIMP with is when I found a smile-less pic of Chloe. 
[the real story on click here]

I love cartoons and comics.  I encountered Emily with my daughter back in the '90s at Hot Topic .
I have been on a MAD search for information on the movie.  First wind of it seems was in 2008...
Emily the Strange has been a popular apparel and accessories label for nearly 15 years, with sales in Department Stores, Specialty Boutiques and other trendy retailers throughout the world. Products are also sold on the brand's official website.
In July/August 2003 V magazine ran a double page spread of clothing inspired by the character,created by Chanel, Gautier, Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs, and others.
Sorry designer guys...this all looks like someones black silk bed sheets sewn in a Home Ec class!

The fucking crap that sells for way too much money.
Those rich beOtches seeing a trend and wanting to be like Emily?

She is a no contract no sell out kind of girl, I am sure of this.
She is not a fucking vampire chic either.  Has no interest in fangs or Edward. Jacob is always a possible, though.  Sabbath does a good Ozzy impression of eating bat heads, one would imagine!
Emily possibly has a secret desire to keep a bat for a pet, but Sabbath won't allow it.
[extracted from]
"Her best friends are her four black cats".

Her bio says that she is an old rock and punk girl, but she likes new groups like My Chemical Romance.  Errrr...squeeze me?  Emily is a 90's girl.  That is obviously a comic book corporate attempt to connect with the Emo crowd...MCR crosses over barely into likable to other genres besides Emo.  Sum 41 (if?) maybe closer and definitely Linkin Park.

[manipulated from photo]

 Emily has been shown in Vanilla Sky and on MADtv.
Celebrities including Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, and Björk have all worn the brand.

Epiphone have created an Emily Strange themed SG guitar, based on a Gibson 310 Custom.
Click here to see the Emily guitar!

Since 2010 Emily the strange apparel is manufactured and distributed by Italian company Pier spa. The Emily The Strange website has all sorts of activities to keep you occupied.  Chronicle Books has 4 hard book graphic novellas.
Dark Horse Comics has it's own Strange Zonewhere you can check out her comic book series.
In 2007 Harpercollins signs a four book deal to publish Emily The Strange.

Movie?  An animated tid bit for the fandom?  To twist a favored Emily saying it must  of "Got Lost"?

This one is just a well made ad for the book....

IMDB Emily the Strange (2010) states that you must get IMDBpro to get any info, but it did mention it as categorized 'in development'.

Update Dec. 2010-Movie Casting
Chloe Moritz of  Kick Ass "Hit Girl" fame has been cast 
to play the role of Emily The Strange. 
Personally, I think that there is some 
contractual repeat film thing going on, 
but let GIMPing decide!

Here is Chloe Moritz of "Hit Girl" fame.  Her toon version looks a bit wrong in the eyes.
I know Hollywood will make up her right.  And Chloe did great in all her films as she has grown.
The thing is that some girls get all the breaks.  And it seems that everybody wants Chloe.  Well not everybody wants Emily.  Emily likes the dark and grey colors and Chloe seems to be out there in the spotlight and making producers not have to look or work so hard because she is talented and adaptable to parts she is given.
She could be a possible target for the sling shot....

         Emily say's she won't be sold out!  She is Emily and she will be strange 4 fucking ever!

Emily's Black Kitty Hoody, Free Games, T-Shirts
& More @

Jolie Vanier did an awesome job as Helvitica Black in the movie "Shorts"!
When I GIMP'd her into the pic she tooned just right.
She has that 'strange' mischief about her eyes.
I googled her and her website is one of those free websites like oh this blog.  My daughter has the same format.  It seems like she is hinting on Broadway, though.  Julie Andrews is who she says she most wants to be like.

Still someone new and not in need to be made up would of been so much better a choice!  Check out your fucking fan sites, people!  So many Emilys and there might be undiscovered country there!
So sorry 2 late.


Bluezy said...

My oldest daughter is an Emily. I love her and I know her. Strange 4 life. My inner child is strange, but I try to not attract and blend.

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