Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunatic Replay

If you didn't see the lunar eclipse last night...
[link to purchase]
This one is generated and made before the event. It has awesome view points and will allow you to understand what is going on.

My suggestion is to mute the YouTube videos before muting my playlist.  Some people just like to do the YouTube, but put obnoxious music to it.  This one, in particular, is fucking awful. 

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.

Get a playlist!

Enjoy this short day (what's left)


Tim Chaney said...

The solar eclipse from the moon is awesome. The background music reminds me of Native American music.

When I go to Pow Pow's that drum beat reminds me of a heart beat. Thanks.

Bluezy said...

It is from the video game Final Fantasy VII. I played it to it's end with my eldest daughter on the first Playstation when it came out. She was 12 yrs old. She collects the music.