Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a pit-ayyy!

Japanese tweeted  [here]
Geminids Meteorite Shower 
happening NOW!
 stayed up! overcast here so I am on Twitter.  If you can't see it you can hear it with a live feed Space Surveillance Radar website
[link here] 24 hrs

I was crawling in the virtual dumpster and I found a treasure and a memory.
I edited this video that I got off of YouTube.  All it had was an album cover.
I had found a wonderful animated gif by a million to one accident that really
needed to honored as well!  So I combined them!
This is the first of the deep voiced rockstars that I enjoy and admire posts. 

I seem to be on a Windows Movie Maker kick.  I used my Firefox YouTube Downloader add on. 
[click here to download] to capture the video.   The downloader captures in .flv format.  Miraculously the downloader will also capture in seconds flash (and I mean a flash) any song I select on! The songs on playlist are saved in mpeg format (not to be confused with mp3).

So with all this new stuff I get, I need to make it compatible with my Windows Movie Maker (WMM) and  my MP3 player!  I have one of those Kenwood stereos in my "OJ Simpson escape model Bronco" that has a cord that plugs right into my Mp3 player.  WMM needs to read it in wmv or avi format. WMM will not accept .mpeg format either.
How to fix that?


I got this free program online called DVD Video Soft Free Studio [link here to download].  It has all the conversion programs you would ever need.

They have a catch, though. TOOLBAR
don't have to install it just uncheck the offer menu, but---->"When installing DVDVideoSoft programs, you are prompted to install Optional Toolbar which ensures income for our company and allows us to offer you free software.

You can choose not to install this Optional Toolbar. However, every time after using any DVDVideoSoft program you will be asked to install it again.

If the pop-up Toolbar Offer is annoying for you, delete the following folder from your PC:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DVDVideoSoft\TB."

It's not JUST a toolbar, but a polite request to take over option.  Take over means:
  • It commandeers your homepage with it's own version of Google
  • It stamps a big ol' gadgety toolbar right below your navigation bar.
 That is not so bad.  You can uninstall the toolbar, but the search engine is a different thing. The toolbar installs a cookie that must be removed.  Problem solved.  The cookie is from and if you have a block list on your popup blocker add that name to your block list.  I found out that it was from by right clicking my mouse on their logo on my new google browser look and clicked view image info. I found out the image was coming from and I copied and pasted that on my search bar. A series of bad shit came up about it and told me to just clear my cookies.  Coolchaser is like that, too.  Other places that tweak your shit can be analyzed that way and you can find the source you can cut it off!!

Google Adsense has a way to let you make money every time someone searches on the internet by letting you install their search the web widget or like these guys are doing somehow making it their own google search.  It is the same as google but less garbage on the sidebars.  The only thing is that I was used to all that garbage and to have them take my google away, it is a bit invasive.

But with LimeWire and Torrent site shut downs it is really irrelevant they even exist.  This capture tech has been out there a while.  REALPLAYER (been around 4-evah) lets you do it as well and they have a clip editor so you can actually ringtone design your download or if you get it off a continual stream you can edit the song out.  It is just a computerized version of recording on KZAP and editing out the DJ.  It should be allowed....

as you know I like pics and I forgot the "Foto Friday".  I make it up with another V dumpster treasure:

Chaz Howley

I grabbed his gif animation for the video edit, but I also browsed around his website.  It was a pleasant visit.  His graphics at this [link here] is a multi paged 3D universe stars animation. It would take several days if not a month or two to get through all the stuff he has there. He is a designer, a musician and more... the website showed me  a person who has quite and interesting and talented life and willing to share it (along with original page music and quicktime players to hear it) of his life.  He has a very kind "in memory page" for a fellow musician friend of his named Charlie.
Here are some pics from his website that caught my eye..

His band....


Tim Chaney said...

Crappy weather here for a meteor shower, heavy clouds overhead. The positive part is the temp is up to the 50's. That's life here on Delmarva (DE, MD, VA) 50 one day, in the teens the next!

Bluezy said...

ice covered the porch this morning...
Just check out my live cam on the right. It won't get better until for the

Tim Chaney said...

ugh BrRRR

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