Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rednek Evolution

Cartoon face by MadelineWoe AKA Bluezy

I live in Idaho Falls.  
Years ago back in the '90's, I saw a picture of fast waters and natural beauty in a National Geographic of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.  Frustrated with my Hippiesque bohemian ways being transformed into a greedy entry way to gangs and higher drugs, I did not like where I lived.  I used to joke with my kids, husband and the boyfriend of six years that Idee Ho and you all are gonna follow.

These are kind of the pictures I saw in Nat Geo, 
but Nat Geo was better, of course.  
This is Post Falls Dam near Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. 
Other pictures below are of what the article said 
of the nature around CDA.  It supposedly had the 
largest Osprey (water eagle) population of over 
10,000 at the time.

[click to see Tom Munson Gallery]
the gallery seeks and destroys photo links a sign of the new age of copyright protection, but go see this gallery it is awesome.  You would think they like us to share link tastes of their work.  It is free advertising.  Guess not....

[click to Scott Linstead Gallery]
Also the law was not friendly in Bakersfield, CA.  Everybody thinks that California is free and easy state where hippies live and all, but the fact is that a metro area like Bakersfield fought that scene very hard and mean like.  They were afraid of turning into another Los Angeles. The caption on the police car is not a lie.  A lot of why I wanted to go to Ideeho had to do with the assholes below.
I was really tired of metro militant ghetto gang hell.  Ideeho in my mind was a place where that all was not happening.
[Funny story about this decal on snopes here]

[click to watch trailer]

 I ended up here in Idaho Falls, but Coeur D'Alene 
was my first choice. 
It was my youngest daughter who moved here in 2004.  
I was living 6 hours northeast near Billings, MT.  
I ended up here three years later, after I actually 
                                                                   saw my grandchildren for the first time.
                                                                   I tell my youngest now the she da HO and I followed.  
                                                                   It took me from that first magazine picture when she 
                                                                   was still small to her growing up to be here.  
                                                                   It was Idaho our thumbtack in the map!

Eagle Monument Fountain in Idaho Falls.  Idaho Falls  used to be called Eagle Rock.
Funny thing before I headed out to Idaho Falls where my youngest daughter moved to after asking my opinion of what Idaho city to move to (this was my third choice), I sent my eldest daughter so I could have them both in the same town I lived in.  The day my eldest daughter was leaving we were in Ellensburg, WA standing outside when we heard a "whoosh whoosh" sound above our heads. Whoa! My daughter says it is a bald eagle.  OMG it was right over our heads heading in the direction of the freeway we were taking to Idaho.  It perched in a tree for an hour before we left just staring at that direction. It is amazing on how loud those massive wings flapping sound like!

 I guess it is where I needed to be right then and now.  I am not so looney, but if a bird or any of nature's creatures tries to get my attention, I try to analyze if there is a message.  One time it was a dragonfly that just had no fear of me and I was thinking...it might want to tell me something, but I could not understand that kind of buzzing. LOL

If I actually was devout to the religion I was born, I would figure that St. Francis would be my patron or at least kindred.  All those little wafers since I was seven had to amount to some kind of Catholic guardianship.  My mom still prays for me.

List is from an annual report from Farmers Insurance Group

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Giant Velvet Ant or Cow Killer memory...

I am like Professor Dumbledore in my past couple of posts picking out memories in my head and putting them into my blogger pensive.

[link to Harry Potter Home Page]
Check out this critter!
The first time I saw one, my grade school daughters were with me walking down a mountain dirt road in Frazier Park, CA.  It was really noticeable because of it's color and it was booking across fast.
I thought " What the fuck kind of ant is that?"  I told the girls not to touch it and we went on our way in wonder what it was.

Mutillidae are a family of wasps whose wingless females resemble ants. Their common name velvet ant refers to their dense hair which may be red, black, white, silver, or gold. They are known for their extremely painful sting, facetiously said to be strong enough to kill a cow, hence the common name cow killer or cow ant is applied to some species.  [read more at wiki]

The Mutillidae family contains approximately 230 genera/subgenera and about 8,000 species worldwide (Manley and Pitts 2002). Approximately 435 species occur in mostly arid areas of the southern and western parts of North America (Triplehorn and Johnson 2005). Fifty species in seven genera are found in Florida,  [read more at this University of Florida link]

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Once you see one, you'll see many!

 Dumpster memory dig.  I have seen these and never knew their names somebody once told me periwinkle, but that was not right.  I know now but...
Have you seen them? Do you know what they are?


[Source of above pictures]



[Link here to see what one artist decided to do with these bugs!]

Caddisfly and the above are Caddisfly larvae.  
[link here to find out more]

You can see here a mass amount of recently hatched caddis flies. If you see one you will see many cases prior to the hatch.  The caddis fly is sensitive to pollution.  If you find them around you will know the water is clean.
You can get hatch charts at fly fishing supplies.  Just before the hatch you can go to the clean streams and look for the cased larvae that has sealed itself in.  Just look as soon as the thaw comes around and keep looking and once you seen one you will always find them.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Beautiful Lie

My original plan on yesterday's was to share one of my favorite AMV's , but I had to link the actual episode so not to spoil a good Batman story.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


If you watched Batman Beyond...this will make some closure for you. Years later, this episode appears in the Justice League series.
Video embed courtesy of Shotaz.com

Epilogue (Justice League Unlimited)

Batman beyond T&L Kim Tan | Myspace Video

Watch Batman Beyond in HD on Hulu.com
Watch Batman Beyond (all three seasons)  and Justice League (4 seasons) on Blinkx Remote

Blinkx Remote is a great dumpster find.  There are a lot of TV series you can follow that maybe you missed throughout the years. And you can start at the beginning and go at YOUR own pace.
They have True Blood and Sons of Anarchy there.
I recently purchased the proper hdmi cable to hook my daughter's 64 bit HP laptop to the flatscreen.  Screw paying for cable channels.

The internet has it all.  Except CBS is pretty stingy with offering HD full episodes. Hulu and NetFlix are looking good on there, but I fear that Hulu is going to start holding out and actually already has been.  They want a monthly fee as well that will offer more videos.
If you ever watched something on Megavideo, you know they kick you off after I think it is 74 mins. That usually is not enough to see a movie, but enough to watch an episode. If you want to watch another episode try CACAOWEB plugin for Mozilla.  [link] It bypasses the time limit.

I have the cacaoweb browser to watch Megavideo and so far no problems. There is some controversy behind it.  It does make your anti-virus register it as a false positive and if you have a good anti-virus, it will ask to delete it or during a scheduled scan delete it automatically.
I researched it and some are freaked out that it is spyware and others are not.  My 'puter seems to work fine.  I will follow up on this if it messes up my computer from my newer and better one if it happens. :) Still using Windows XP and 2Ghz 32 bit processor and 1 Gb of RAM  for my own virtual dumpster diving.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where I was on November 22rd, 1963

I was five years old and watching "Jungle Jim with Johnny Weismueller" when there was a news bulletin.  I remember being initially mad when they interrupted.  Then...

My mother fell to the floor in the kitchen and started wailing like at a Greek wake.  I learned a word. Assassination.
Source Link:  Iconic Photos Blog

Later, I saw a boy who lost his dad. The funeral was also his birthday. 

Source:   Website for book "Remember The Wink"

I was raised Catholic, so at an early age I knew the president's name.  I also knew they went to my school to vote for Bobby.
My family had very strong opinions on what the assassination was about.

Internet phenonemon: The Grey Album

[link here] to Tech Dirt article:
"Jay-Z Explains He Is 'Honored' To Have His Work Remixed By Others"
There are other videos but this is the only one I thought was worth showing..
My personal opinion is that the mixing could of been better on some of them, but the idea "was genius" to quote Jay-Z in the above article.  

Friday, November 19, 2010

I like birds...

Very user friendly bird song resource [Link here]

.gif animation MadelineWoe aka Bluezy

Birds by Seth Fitts [Link here to his Deviant Art page]

 Paintings by Craig Kosak [link to gallery]

A Murder of Crows by James Alderidge 
[link here to the David Risley Galleries Display]

detail of the mural