Monday, February 7, 2011

The Vintage Tobacco Stamp Collection

I made this GIF from a YouTube video!


I have Adobe Photoshop now, but I am so used to the free GIMP that I had to alternate with them.

I wonder if you know all the actresses names there?  I was thinking of making this a name game...
Only one of the actresses on my stamps is living.

There were so many actresses including Marilyn, Gene Tierney and Joan Fontaine.  I wanted to do them all and maybe I will.

The order of pictures and actresses:
Bette Davis with Paul Heinreid, Jean Harlow, Heddy Lamarr, Joan Crawford,  Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn,  Lauren Bacall with Humphrey Bogart, and  Bette again! 
The actress who is still alive is Lauren Bacall.

<<<----Is that Ginger Rogers?
I really like Bette Davis in Now Voyager and Jezabel.

Making these stamps made me wonder if there is some online links to old movies. Stage Vu has a lot of old stuff just search:

All About Eve with Bette and Anne Baxter [link]
Gaslight with Ingrid Bergman [link]
Gilda with Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford [link]
The Killers with Ava Gardner [link]

The sidebar film strip picture is from "Film Noir Photos" [link]
There are some actresses on there I can't name.  I see Ingrid Bergman and is that last one Mary Pickford?  
Any ways, this is one of three strips of mostly actresses
smoking on Film Noir Photos.

I put the pictures on stamps, because the US post office would never. It is kind of like my profane the arts project, but this is profane the USPS.



Scary Mary said...

Nice collection!!:) Hahah lol ya, I'm sure you're right! They would probably never make it onto a real stamp nowadays, but then we got yours;) I'm not sure of all these names either.. Funny how it was concidered to be classy to smoke back then. Have to give it to them though, they DO look classy!

Bluezy said...

my dad would say our beagle, Millie had Heddy Lamarr eyes. It was like she had permanent eyeliner and really she did have pretty eyes.
Definately classy women...I am now going to watch a couple of old films.

Scary Mary said...

Hahha how sweet, can just picture her!!:)

Sounds like a great wine time with your daughter, I tried to look at the vid but didn't get it to work. Might be the internet being slow. Will try it again tomorrow:)

Also will have to check out the bottle plates! Love the glasses they make outta old glass bottles over there, such a good idea and pretty too! Might have to get some next time I'm in the states.. I checked how much it would be to send them, a bit too much to be worth it.

Have a great day with your old movies;) Bedtime here!