Sunday, March 13, 2011

Church Of Anime

Deleted because of this news article in the Wall Street Journal:

New York man guilty of pirating 'X-Men Origins'
.....Sanchez admitted that he uploaded a copy of the movie to on March 2009 before the film was released. He publicized this on two websites so others could download the movie. [link to full article]

I don't know the laws of streaming. You get so much YouTube and Facebook sharing going on, that it is not really in LARGE PRINT what the law is.
I am a grandma blogger. I just dump stuff I find on Google searches to share with a small amount of followers. I was originally a share dump to keep from making my Facebook feed long list of spam for my friends. It did not really mean much to Facebook, since hardly a one including my family view this regularly...

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Bluezy said...

So far, the first sampler "Planetes" is something I may follow, but the Nurse Rikka...would not be something I would follow. I am already up to episode 50 watching Monster, because I liked it so much I just started watching 2 episodes a night before bed. It is not sci-fi so far as I can tell, but I like the complex story line and mystery. Because I like Anime, I will be consistent with this posting on Sunday, so I can research it further and maybe find that one that makes me cry (again).