Monday, June 27, 2011


As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet I picked up some things to share!

I was looking for some image or something and saw this. It was on a Spanish blog so I had to go to translator to see what it said.

I usually do not copy entire posts, but here is the translation from Google Translate:
  "As you see, The Dwarf has died in the jaws of a hippopotamus in a most bizarre accident. No re-write anymore.
        But let me introduce myself: my name is Troy McClure, and have been designated as the administrator of the estate of dwarf diver. You may know me as the administrator of property and inheritance of other important figures such as Joselin Ubrique and Eugenia Martínez de Marc.
        After reviewing the personal effects of the Dwarf, I discovered he used this platform to pollute the Net, and I see that has duped with lies some Internet users with varying degrees of success.
        Well, I have from here to uncover the fraud, and advertise that it was a morose ascetic, a grumpy old man Umbu the odors of their own urine, unable to establish an emotional relationship with beings of the opposite sex that inspections be preceded olfactory your genital area.
        To see the likes of this little character, I do share in some notes he had written in his personal notebook about some of the bloggers who I used to write letters, while listening to the soundtrack that was chosen for burial. You see, I have them checked. Link, please: music, maestro!" [source]

Google translates is fucking confusing, right?

Well I decide to google the headline "hippo eats dwarf" I get About 478,000 results (0.30 seconds)

WTF that is almost half a million?
There is a wiki, a snopes, a buzzfeed, an Amazon and videos? But get this.. I am psychic, because my last post was about Best Evers and there is a link on the first page of this hippo search that says "best story ever"

This is in Portuguese and I know what they are saying. Basically, this Anaconda was found on the shore of Jacare River full. It is too heavy to move and defend itself, so this is what an anaconda does when full and in danger. Puke.


Tim Chaney said...

LoL Just love Lewis Black.

Buzzards do the same thing as the anaconda. If they eat so much they can't take flight they puke.

A friend and I were riding motorcycle dirt bikes on a dirt road with a buzzard in the way, it puked and almost on my friend Hahhha before escaping.

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