Sunday, August 14, 2011


As I crawled The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

So The Anonymous group has threatened to hack and close down FaceBook on November 5th...


OMG. Panic on the Farm. But fret not-this historical APP insurance ad campaign could make a comeback!

YouTube production from the Hacker Group [above].
[PC Mag article on the above]
Click link for more news on Anonymous activities:
[How Anonymous Could Attack Facebook - If It Really Wants To-]
A humanitarian political stance using cybertech threats:
[Hackers group 'Anonymous' threatens cyber attack on Fullerton police]
Another humanitarian position using cybertech threat:
[Anonymous plans BART Web site attack, protest]
And they can expose the shady using the shady:
[Anonymous Publishes Internal Documents from Govt. Contractor ManTech]

I hope you do not dislike my position, but I got to admit that an Anonymous bunch of intelligent surely dangerous and ingenious!  Their cyber threats are like phasers set on stun (at least for now) in the direction that they chose to find appropriately worthy causes. It is taking away all the bureaucracy of dealing with channels, lobbying, petitioning, protesting and bringing it to a level...of what I just don't know...but it is a new age rebellion. I have got to admire and also fear them.

They say "if you think back on this you will realize what we have done here is right".

I say if I think back on it...
It is dangerous because there is a mystery of who and what is targeted. They are cutting down the practices of FaceBook on the ground of privacy issues, but herald the content of mass amounts of copyrighted material on "The Pirate Bay".  I still would be pissed if I created something and days is mass produced on the internet for free-shit if you can get the entire Star Wars for free...It is literally ripping the Mona Lisa off the wall! You much money should George Lucas really make? As a geek...I would think he should be the richest man on Earth...Consumerism yeah that is what we are! Check out how we hustle during the Christmas season! We love our possessions...come on you know it.

But it seems that in this new age, there needs to be new ways of gaining revenue. Adapt or is not going away unless you want more enforcement.

It enters the realms of a conundrum...gotta love it gotta hate it gotta shut the fuck up or THEY will fuck you with hoods on! When the government fucked me I got a letter...this is all confusing... Hope there is some satisfaction somewhere and this all comes to a revelation of tremendous proportions and Anonymous not only exposes corruption, but feeds the hungry and houses the poor.

I am confident that they are keeping the security techs busy at IRS. But it is not just gaining access they need to do to show they can...then need to wipe out our records and well...I just don't see the government not backing up 10 times the info of the people they want to take money from.


ateeq mughal said...

OMG, facebook going down down down down down...dooowwwwnnn.
just can't wait till 5th November.

Al Penwasser said...

On the other hand, gas is a frikkin' STEAL in Kuwait. Of course, your neighbors are Iraq and Saudi Arabia. So, it's probably kind of a wash.

Bluezy said...

And Al...the woman's wardrobe selection is really limited.
LOL. How the government fucked me is that the half of what my husband got from his military career retirement that I now receive since his death is being taxed beyond compare. I make less than working full time at a burger joint and have to now pay taxes! I never had to pay taxes...I always got some back (even when I worked just above minimum full time). It just pisses me off...