Thursday, June 30, 2011


As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet,

No Not this Flash...He's cool , though!
I was uploading some new stuff to my Deviant Art Gallery, I was checking out the artists that I watch. One of them had a tutorial long ago on how to make a dress up game using Adobe Flash Pro, but the software is in the hundreds of dollars and I just don't want to invest in that yet. It was categorized as "Flash Interactive" and it made me think of googling this.

 Before I google let me explain what Flash is to those who are techie challenged  to know what Flash does for you.
Adobe Flash (formerly SmartSketch FutureSplash, FutureSplash Animator and Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements, games and flash animations for broadcast. More recently, it has been positioned as a tool for "Rich Internet Applications" ("RIAs").(from Wiki)
A dead give away that a website is Flash is that it has to load. [click here to Prism Girl] an awesome graphic flash page, but it is a bit confusing where it goes. Click around. And enjoy the pic.

Click here to see the Lego Interactive site.

You perchance have dived into the Virtual Dumpster and have been pleased to see a graphic website that uses Flash. Harry Potter used some Flash and some rock bands use flash. This design studio has an awesome title screen [click here]
Creatica is a website that has lists of examples in the newest creation you can [click here] to see the pages of flash websites they have collected.

I googled "flash interactive" and got About 147,000,000 results (0.12 seconds)
The first result leads you to one of my favorite old school sites Albino Blacksheep that has a broad library of flash and interactive flash. Below is a cool embed of a zoom interactive flash and there are more way cool ones there, so check them out. YouTube has some videos of this with different songs using this, but I want you to check out the mouse interaction.
Click on the text that says "Click to Start". Hold the mouse on the center with the left button held down drag  up for forward zoom or  back for backward zoom.

Play Free Addicting Games

Here is a link that give you a virtual tour of the new money from $5 to $100 [click here] it is cool you can maginfy, and shine light on it.

And the best for last:  

Some users feel that Flash enriches their web experience (like me), while others find the extensive use of Flash animation, particularly in advertising, intrusive and annoying, giving rise to a cottage industry that specializes in blocking Flash content. Flash has also been criticized for adversely affecting the usability of web pages. (again from wiki)

Have a great 4th Of July Weekend!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet I picked up some things to share!

I was looking for some image or something and saw this. It was on a Spanish blog so I had to go to translator to see what it said.

I usually do not copy entire posts, but here is the translation from Google Translate:
  "As you see, The Dwarf has died in the jaws of a hippopotamus in a most bizarre accident. No re-write anymore.
        But let me introduce myself: my name is Troy McClure, and have been designated as the administrator of the estate of dwarf diver. You may know me as the administrator of property and inheritance of other important figures such as Joselin Ubrique and Eugenia Martínez de Marc.
        After reviewing the personal effects of the Dwarf, I discovered he used this platform to pollute the Net, and I see that has duped with lies some Internet users with varying degrees of success.
        Well, I have from here to uncover the fraud, and advertise that it was a morose ascetic, a grumpy old man Umbu the odors of their own urine, unable to establish an emotional relationship with beings of the opposite sex that inspections be preceded olfactory your genital area.
        To see the likes of this little character, I do share in some notes he had written in his personal notebook about some of the bloggers who I used to write letters, while listening to the soundtrack that was chosen for burial. You see, I have them checked. Link, please: music, maestro!" [source]

Google translates is fucking confusing, right?

Well I decide to google the headline "hippo eats dwarf" I get About 478,000 results (0.30 seconds)

WTF that is almost half a million?
There is a wiki, a snopes, a buzzfeed, an Amazon and videos? But get this.. I am psychic, because my last post was about Best Evers and there is a link on the first page of this hippo search that says "best story ever"

This is in Portuguese and I know what they are saying. Basically, this Anaconda was found on the shore of Jacare River full. It is too heavy to move and defend itself, so this is what an anaconda does when full and in danger. Puke.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best list never..,

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet,

I like lists and slide show countdowns. So I thought to google "best ever lists" and got About 316,000,000 results (0.19 seconds)
Damn that is a big number. Some people can't even read that number. Three hundred and sixteen MILLION! No fucking way is there so many lists. Everybody wants to have the best ever stuff.
I was thinking of examining maybe 4 pages on google and see what I can pick out. It is a broad search. Every thing from sports, movies, cars, songs, drummers...phew too much to choose from.

I decided then to google "best ever best ever lists" and I got About 288,000,000 results (0.24 seconds) ruling out 28 million but the first page has similar content to the first search..

Then I thought well Sponge Bob's Best Day Ever song would go good with this post. WRONG!

Rolling Stone Magazine has best ever 500 lists. [link here] to the Best Ever Albums and then look to the right side bar to linkies to other best evers they have.

I deleted my Raptor watch on my footers. It was slagging my blog load and I celebrated the flight of the fledglings by flight of the video, I guess.

I will be trying to post weekly and make it interesting if that is possible with my bizarro tastes.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Chug Dog

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

I thought of my dog. I have a new one. It seems that I am the dog lady. My daddy was born in 1922 in Oklahoma, but they were on their way to Missouri. He was raised in the Adirondacks where the Hillbillies lived. We have a picture of him in 1927 sitting on a haystack holding a rifle. My dad had stories about him and his dog that were as deeply emotional as "Old Yeller". Coon hunting and copperheads and water moccasins.

That is where I get my doggie magnetism. I also get my female Tom Sawyerish way and the Missouri "show me" need.
So all the dogs that come into my life are bound to be mine. I have to warn people that they best not get jealous, that it is just my hillbillie genes that dogs can sense
Jack, below was supposed to be my daughter's and the kid's dog. But with in two weeks, the dog just figured he'd follow me around and just be....well my Chuggy Jack.

I'm zero carbs, but MY master won't eat me!
When Chuggy Jack is bad, I tell him "Watch out dogs are zero carbs"! I just tease him, but as small as he is, you think that when a human, especially a large human approaches, animals might think that they are gonna get eaten. In a doggie's mind. I also go up to him with my finger pointed like a gun and make a "pshiew" sound and he rolls on his back with his legs up. I discovered this one morning and when my grand kids woke up, I rushed them to my room. OMG the laughter.

500 dogs saved April 2011 in China by a dog lover link here
"Dog meat is good for your health and metabolism," explains Li, the hostess who declined to give her first name. "In the summer it helps you sweat."
[CNN news story link]

Looks just like my hairy man. Best dog ever. RIP
No wonder Chow's are good fighters like my pupper doggers Sabbath RIP -the best dog ever! And if you have ever seen "Hachikō: A Dog Story"? My dog Sabbath was a chow lab or what I/they call "chowbrador". He was black and short haired, but he looked like a small black Akita. When I watched Hachikō (Hachi) for short (a 2009 doggie movie with Richard Gere), I cried the hardest I have in such a long time. I would put up real picture, but all my pictures got destroyed in a flood. I would say "Demon Dog" and he would play out this mean look and well you just had to be there. Such a loyal dog, too. Many many stories of his loyalty.
He would get out to go find some doggie (as I called it) like Houdini, he could get out. I used to say, well he is part Chow Chow, so it is in his genes to be smart and get away or be food. LOL
This is not a joke, though. Many Chinese citizens consider it a right to eat what they want. They believe those nations opposing it are just trying to be culturally superior.
Luo Yonghao (罗永浩), founder of, one of China’s most liberal and edgy blog portal, wrote, “Those dogs are private property. Those who own it can do whatever to them, just like those who pet dogs and love dogs all get their dogs neutered. Have you considered rescuing the little ones’ genitals? Whoever waylaid them is a stupid cunt.”
Have a great Daddy day weekend.

There is actually a big event here in Ideeho Falls. Idaho Falls has a very large Mormon population.
Mormon's are patriarchal, Mother's day had no big event at the river. I will be there with my scooterbutt.
5 dollar admission trying to ward off the concession smells. Hope I run into someone who hasn't seen me in a while and they notice the 31 pounds lost.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet, I found this treasure to share with you!

The theme of this is WWII in the Ukraine. Enjoy. I love these real time artists! Her message and in the end of the video she scribes "You are always near"

As I watched it I felt like theJudges. When I found out what the message was it brought tears. My mother was a WWII warchild. WWII did some hurt on my mom's side. I just cannot see how we always repeat this horror of war. Yet I still can not see how we can't avoid it. Aggression at all ends. Oppression in between.
[read about her here]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Picking treasure!

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...
The Daily Vinyl Blog
I found a treasure of a blog. The Daily Vinyl does all their videos with something going on besides the spinning of the turntable. You will love seeing what "The Dude", the blog master of The Daily Vinyl has in his archives. I linked the image to the very first post in 2009 which features the above video. I am going to check all the posts and play the ones I like. Eventually. I clicked around and The Dude has some Beatles, Yes, David Bowie, and how I found it was through the one by Chicago of Saturday in the Park.

How to hook up your turntable to your pc...hmmm. Basically it must be how to hook up your stereo to your PC

Friday, June 10, 2011

Still Alive (yet some are not)

As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...I picked out some things to share, of course!
You can sample read pretty much of this [here]
When I Googled "dead rock stars" I got about 12,500,000 results (0.19 seconds)

The first link was a data base. Very well organized called "The Dead Rock Stars Club". It is a well organized place it seems I did not dwell into it. There is a music player with 25 songs you can choose from and a search bar. If you have a debate, alive or dead...check it out.

The link to the picture goes to a google reader that basically seems to have the whole book there. I scrolled down to page 422 to test it. Don't have time to read it right now, but good to know I don't have buy it if I wanted to. LOL

Rolling Stone Magazine has an online video slide show of "Rolling Stone Readers Name Top 10 Greatest Dead Rock Stars Of All Time" each entry leads to a song video! Of their choice. Lennon is number one. It would be interesting to mock the slide show and put in my eclectic choices. Or pass the duty on to one of my knowledgeable readers on the topic. What would be your top 10 choice?  I think I know Tim's choice, maybe not, though. LOL.

A brief topic intermission: I like this video. I am forcing you to watch it.

Now that you are entertained, I would like to apologize for my absence of posting. You all know that I am on a diet and started a remote diet blog. It is also summer vacation for my grand I have been out and about and guarding them entertaining them outside. I will have lost 30 lbs so far on my Monday weigh in. I peeked.

Another very cool link that I picked out of the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet is a Rolling Stone slide show article called " The Art of Music". The pics below are some samples of their 15 and an added one.

By Jim Morrison

By Kurt Cobain

Who is this by Tim?

By Hendrix

By Janis

Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart

More of Jerry's art [here]
[Here] there are a whole bunch of pictures at the Rock Star Gallery. All are not necessarily dead, though.
This one is just "The Art Of Rock & Roll" a gallery of rock and roll inspired art.
It made for some good Virtual Dumpster picking on this topic of what rockstars left us besides music.
I am sure there are more. I know Morrison has poetry and Lennon did some scribbles..ey?

An additional treasure I picked out is this Beatles trivia site with some real nice rare jewels shared.
I know you will like it if you liked the Beatles. The following picture is from the site an album cover of a Dutch release of "The Most Beautiful Songs" of the Beatles. Link to site is below it.


Friday, June 3, 2011


Ahh traversing over many nights
Frozen dreams and fading tears
Warm me, warm me, wrap me

Once, I had forgotten everything, however
I hate this body that cannot love anymore

No matter how far I walk, I cannot see the end
Dragging along memories of the past
I wonder what color this body will be tainted by
I search for that answer

I can no longer return to those days free of bloodshed
These deep scars rooted within me will not disappear
Hide it, hide it, hide me

With these marred hands extended towards a discarded star
Alone, once again alone, I must return it to the sky

Even though I'm weak and miserable, I'm alone, just like that time
I am unable to signal here with my short breath
That's why I will always see a dream of tomorrow
While counting my caged fingers

It's alright to stay the same, without knowing the meaning of living
One day, I will do what I can to obtain those days of laughter

On that day, your words alone
Made my decision to become stronger
"No matter how much you change, you're fine the way you are now"

Now, because you're here, my heart has returned
I leave to walk ahead, only to be lost
Even though I cannot see the end, I think it's alright
I will leave on a journey at range, it's alright if I don't know the answer

Found an Anime to follow. Claymore. It is a mysterious chick with a big sword and is the ultimate fighter.
The above is the theme song translation "Raison D'etre" by Nightmare (Raison d'Etre means reason for being in French).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet...

Heavenly #11 I say, for  geekophilic bloggers like me. Way too young for me, but in my day... this is the kind of weirdo I would swoon over. It's the doo and the quantum physics ramble.