Saturday, June 18, 2016

Oh my Dumpster!

As I crawl in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet... 
 i started by posting a facebook message with The Shat shirtless

I then made this image after Googling Nimoy shirtless and then finding Mcoy Deforwst Kelly shirtless on a blog called The Gay Lens.

I then Google Picard shirtless. Saw alot of photo shopped porn with Deana Troi giving head to Picard or even a threesome with Deana and Doctor Crusher. I Googled Jonathan Archer Shirtless and who there it is again a ful nude of him with a big cock and photo shopped sex scenes with the Vulcan Topol!

I decided to post Young Patrick Stewart.

And yes I did look at the photo shopped porn and kept my ears open for anyone coming up and catching me lol! 
Here is a small sample. Notice the look on Captain Archer and imagine him living long and prospering in other areas lol

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