Friday, January 13, 2017


As I crawled in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet....

Geek play I like Jesse's brain!@ JESSE RUBENFELD ILLUSTRATIONS

You can find Dr.Sam Beckett wearing a dress from QUANTUM LEAP on the top right...Back in the day and even now Scott Bakula is my male sci-fi sex symbol. Even better is when he played Capt. Archer in ENTERPRISE.

The music is geek mode as well. A thing called chipspeech click HERE for wiki. It is a personafied retro voice synth program. LADY PARSEC is one of seven personified voices to chipspeech. She even has a bio.

Lady Parsec is the omnipotent mother-of-all space traffic controllers, she’s the Benevolent Dictator of Her own matriarchal galactic queendom. Her soothing voice can be heard anywhere at Her will in any of Her spacecrafts. She’s watching over you and She’ll direct you with a hint of witty sarcasm.

I am the quantum leaper Ruler of time and space Choose where I can go and I'll be there In an instant Hiding in plain sight I'm Shifting between dimensions Upon my prototype rests The destiny of the universe

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