Friday, August 18, 2017

Tech Noir It's On Pico!

As I crawl in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet...

I have had the most excellent summer. Hope y'all have as well. My daughter divorced and I have been spending much of my time with my grandchildren. We live in Texas now and with all this outdoor fun . We are all well tanned...Trump might have us racially profiled and toss us over his big wall! LOL. I am not getting into all that...this blog is eclectic and only few times political. It is my electronic footprint I wish to leave and hope archived yet able to be viewed years after I am no longer here...

As die-hard Sci-Fi fan, I encountered something very blog worthy. If you are as well, I want you to listen and watch this video and see if you can hear what I hear.

I spend a lot of time selecting playlists of music to do things by on YouTube. I recently found a genre called Noir. It was because I searched the Atomic Blonde Soundtrack and in the sidebar of suggestions there was a video that said Modern Noir Songs. If you click on the previous links, you can imagine how I got on a roll checking out this new found genre. I then just searched the word NOIR and well with YouTube statistics in mind, this was a lucky pic from The Virtual Dumpster (at least for me).

Any Sci-Fi fan can recognize that Tech Noir is the name of the club where Sarah Connor waited for the cops after calling. What I hear here IS reminiscent to the Terminator soundtrack. I am sure you can hear it as well?

"Tech Noir?" "It's on Pico." (source TechNoir FB page!)

There is a story behind this...actually sanctioned, collaborated and praised by John Carpenter. 
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Susan aka Bluezy

I'll be back.