Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blog Blasting For Peace!

As I crawl in The Virtual Dumpster I call The Internet,

I made a new friend recently. Glenda. We were out and about in traffic. She found the gap in the traffic to make a left turn. There was plenty of room. Somehow the car coming up did not like that and the driver increased her speed racing up and gesturing her finger wagging it back and forth NO-NO with an angry face with her lips moving easily lip read as STUPID-FUCKING-BITCH. Here is an interesting link to FINGER BODY LANGUAGE. I told my new friend that I could not believe what just happened. That driver went out of her way to basically declare WAR. I told Glenda, that it is people like that driver that convince me that we as humans have a long way to go to get along and be peaceful.

As statues are defined offensive and Trump dominates Twitter...I have been self centered in my family and sort of wearing blinders...I was fortunate to see a post about Blog4Peace and reminded that it was just coming up.

We all want peace. I thought of my globe this year as what small part can I do?
I can listen to this song and recognize Paisley Park IS in my heart.

I can imagine an urban rally where everybody just goes on the street parading the Paisley in the face of the Hardies and the Haters that think it represents a violent life. Put it on Gramma and the Preacher, the baby and the dog. Take it back!

Loui Jover interview (artist of the scarf girls below) link here

It's not enough that we learn to unmake war. We must learn to remake peace.~ Mimi Lenox

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