Thursday, October 21, 2021


As I crawl in The Virtual dumpster that is The Internet..

The spirit Kachina
Years had past
 and then I saw 
The Spirit Kachina
Upon sight
the word escapes
and I whisper...
K-A-C-H I-N-A 
as if the wind 
escapes with 
an utterance
a corporeal rush


The kachina concept has three different aspects: the supernatural being, the kachina dancers, and kachina dolls (small dolls carved in the likeness of the kachina, that are given only to those who are, or will be responsible for the respectful care and well-being of the doll, such as a mother, wife, or sister).[from Wiki]
I live in South Texas on the coast. 
The weather is getting to where you can go outside (to exercise) and actually not die of heat stroke. I'm starting to ride my bike to burn off some of the COVID emo weight gain. 
Yes I started eating carbs. I didn't do much activity. I gained 20 lb since January 2020. And then recently gained five more. 
My living situation is that my daughter and son-in-law are really good cooks.

I downloaded the MyFitnessPal and now I'm watching everything I eat and exercising.  
The thing is...My Fitness Pal will give you a cap based on your goal calories , but if you add your exercise, it will add more to that cap of calories. I thought, " OH HELL YEAH eat more" I think this is how I gained 5 lb last week. One day I put in the 10 mile bike ride before dinner and it told me I could eat a whole bunch of stuff. So I've learned that fitness pal you need to edit in the exercise as you're going to bed. Water. Lots of water.when thinking of snack just think it is a call for water. 

A perk about riding on the roads is finding stuff like you see above. Those are car-crushed metal pieces I found two together that were not the same and then later just recently found another one that matched the first one.
This was a call to creation. The first two, I found a year ago when I was actively artistic. I instantly thought Kachina.
I  have been awoken back to blogging due to the fact that November 4th is coming around and Mimi Lenox actually she or her Facebook page reminded me of this. However, Mimi will travel throughout the blogosphere and have kind words to represent the peace that her movement inspired.
Awaiting me on my reading list is this post by a blog named Bohemian Valhalla. The first picture on her post was of a Kachina. All the things and all the pictures she had were so interesting. Her writing keeps you occupied throughout each frame of the wonderful Curios she encounters. I'm going to share the one that I saw with the link to her website. 

So this is amazing to me because it was last week I found on my bike the piece of car-crushed metal that called out Kachina (again) to my mind. Weirdly looking like the twin of one I had found a year ago.  
I also saw a box full gourds (of all things) at a Karaoke place I went to same week.
I have not seen a Kachina or a gourd in a way long time. 
I have meant to construct the pieces into what I see by using other media. I think I need a tin cutter and find some colorful craft beer cans or other reclaimable materials. 
After Hurricane Hanna last year, I noticed so many palm branches on the ground.  I just saw so many possibilities. Dead wind blown gifts to come alive in my mind.
I have since given away some of my best fish. The best thing about this is that I'll never run out of material to make it out of it's all free except for the paint and the glue and the twine... I just love getting in that mode and having the time to be in that mode.
So after exercise or maybe somewhere in between my exercise, I can stop by a park and read this website with heck of information on the Legends of the Kachina.
I would like to find a match for the pieces that I found and recreate them with a twist.

This song is a contemporary song entitled KACHINA.
It is also the first song of a playlist entitled K A C H I N A.
i just have to listen to all of it,