Saturday, September 5, 2020

"WTF'ery Pandemic"

As I crawl in The Virtual Dumpster that IS The Internet.... 

"WTF'ery Pandemic" is what I have labeled THESE TIMES. What the Fuckery..RIGHT?

So Alexa chose a My Soundtrack to compose for me...It started with Primus FRIZZLE FRY.
It should be on autoplay as you are here. It is how my blog rolls...musically acompanied!

Crawling the Net and discovery is one of the main reasons I started blogging. When I was recovering from an unusual car accident, I had lots of time to use the computer. I did not want to spam on Facebook or MySpace... I enjoyed the aspect of creating an Electronic Footprint. Blogger holds it for me.. if my family misses will be here long after I go.

 I have been adding wine to the grocery list. I bought a gallon of Carlo Rossi Sangria a week ago and got a hair up my ass and after drinking 2 more glasses...I tossed the rest of it down the drain. I think I was self medicating. It was like my WTF'ery sedative! Someone told me that they wondered why she
was drinking so much mixed drinks. She was thirsty (she said lol) and then started drinking water, instead. Ok...


This morning I woke up and was shaking from the a/c being at 71 degrees, but it made me wonder with all that wine drinking if I was having DT's. It made me laugh at myself.

I am in control. Amazingly healthy. Applying for college to study Art Studio. I also want/need help in digital art and production.

 You can actually get a degree in Photoshop?Well I never ventured into Photoshop due to it having to be a monthly subscriber...but Adobe Art software is something I will want and add to my studies. I want to do plaster casting and mass produce unusual home plant container. Like Medusa heads and Egyptian chicks.

Oh shit gotta go to Etsy and check out 3D WALLPAPER MEDUSA omg!