Friday, July 16, 2010

A Little Sumptin' Sumptin' About My Preschool G-babies HIgh Tech Style!

In 2008 I had a printer and grand children who were bored.  I went online to find all sorts of printable coloring pages and this website treasure I wanted to share with you.  It provides free educational sheets for early childhood up to 5th grade.  Free no hitches or downloads.

 When you click on a worksheet you want it opens up the Adobe PDF file and you can print OR save.  I found a way to make it work with out printing.
You can convert it to a jpeg format so you can use MS Paint to color or draw the answers.
Here is my screen shot story:

  1. Find the worksheet you want.

This is the pdf file that opens. You don't have to save it.  You can copy the url ( and use it for the conversion below. I saved it by clicking the second icon on the top left side that looks like a 3.5 floppy disk.  I kept the name it had and it was saved as a .pdf file.

      2.  Go to

You can find programs to download that do conversions, but most of them are limited use demos.
Zamzar is free.

Notice it has 4 steps in the screen shot.
First browse your computer for the pdf file.
Or you can enter the url of the pdf file by copy/paste

The second step you choose which format you want to convert it and in this case it is .jpg.

Zamzar is not only for .pdf to .jpg conversion, but also many other conversions. Right now I am explaining how to change a DOCUMENT FORMAT from one form to another format.  Zamzar also supports image, music, video, e-book, compressed, and CAD format conversions.

Like when you use Windows Media Player to copy off your Music CD you get a WAV file you can convert it to an MP3 using Zamzar.  MP3 is supposed to be compressed and retains the quality of the WAV so you can have more room on your MP3 player.

The third step is to enter your email and then the Convert button to finish.
You receive a link to a temporary inbox on Zamzar.  Where you will find your files.  Download the self extracting zip file and not the others.  They give you the option.
This file you have converted is only stored for one day on their site.  There is an option to sign up for an inbox, but you need to pay.

I blogged a few steps down about the graphic tablet I bought for $39.99.  My grand children aged 3 and 5 LOVE it.  To use a pen interface is just about like using a crayola without the danger of taking it to the walls or seeing if purple tastes like grape..
AND what is a computer, but really an interactive TV?

The .jpg format can load into MS Paint or GIMP or Photoshop
(other formats like gif, bmp, and png are supported as well).

If all you want to do is get coloring pages do a Google search for: "coloring pages printable" and your results are 
About 5,940,000 results
(0.12 seconds) 

 Even if you don't go the TLS Books route for worksheets, you can also do a Google search for:
"Preschool worksheets printable" and your results are
About 424,000 results
(0.07 seconds)
(As long as your saved files are in a format that can be loaded into MS Paint)

TLS books website had a donation link asking for $1.00
I clicked it and it sent me to a Paypal

There are so many worksheets on this website that it is well worth the dollar!

Here is another link I found where you can insert the word and it will make a worksheet for you kid to trace over words.


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