Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lookie here my truck runs on water????

Back in the 80's my husband and I came across an article that had the schematics to a Hydrogen Converter.
According to the author, he had desperately published the article to save his life.  Apparently, when he had tried to market the idea, he was approached by BIG OIL.  BIG OIL wanted to buy it from him so they could shelf the idea.  When the author refused to sell, a series of coincidental accidents resulting in the death of his 8 buddies involved in his research made him fear his own life.  I sort of believed it...
I had assumed that this logical concept of using hydrogen, would be up and coming in the future.  More like up and confusing or CON-fusing.

1. HHO conversion kits-

This is a concept where you take water and break it down to HHO gas or called Brown's gas and mix it with gas in your engine to increase mileage and horsepower.  When I did a Google search on this, I got 1,160,000 results ranging from believable videos on YouTube, to companies that sell them, blogs, and then the convincing Mythbusters test in the episode below called "Exploding Pants".

Watch for yourself and see if it is 'Plausible" or it gets "Busted"
.*Mythbusters used one brand of HHO kit.  Other brands claim show tested results backed by news reports and others use more than one electrolysis chamber to produce more Browns gas.  The links are so many pro and cons it is CONfusing to say the least.

2. Hydrogen Cells

has a comprehensive article on hydrogen cell cars.

Can You Really Run Your Car On Water? @ About.com

Is that a Shell emblem on the pump?  So the same companies that
sticks it to us at the pump are going to do the same with Hydrogen sales?  But rest assured that the Little Mermaid will not gag and Bambi and friends will twitterpate in a cleaner world.
Even if it were just a water hose, there would be a corporate name slapped on the water tap and we would still be paying up the yang.

Mike Strizki has not paid an electric, oil or gas bill—nor has he spent a nickel to fill up his Mercury Sable—in nearly two years.
This seems to be a great idea where maybe a community can share in this...

3. Biodiesel -

High hopes are in line for this type of fuel with some recent breakthroughs.  No more doom and despair because we are shutting down off shore drilling or the OPEC has us all by the groin.

Click on the below links to Popular Science articles concerning Biodiesel

With a Little Help, E. Coli Turns Biomass Directly to Biodiesel 

Get on the Beef Train: Amtrak Unveils First Biodiesel Commuter Train, Powered By Animal By-Products

Those against this are trying to say that we still are using up resources and affecting the environment by using water to grow the biomass that biodiesel can be made from
Or you can just do like this lady below....She is driving a Mercedes diesel rigged to use regular store bought oil!

B100 is 100% biodiesel
B20 is a mixture of biodiesel and petroleum diesel.

Click below for a graphed comparison of CO2 emissions

Biodiesel versus Petroleum

4. Wind Generators-

Where I live it gets pretty windy.  Windy enough to try to get the fuck off the grid and keep all that money the companies are making us pay!

Those who have the know how can tinker and make their own generators.
YouTube is full of DYI guys. This channel seemed most attractive to my concerns.

It is called the Poor Mans Power Channel  !
I want one!  Nobody could complain about the looks of that porch turbine...And he is quick to answer your questions.  He listed parts and he described to me via e-mail what kind of conversion to use:
"It all depends on if you want a off the grid system or a grid tie system. If you want an off the grid system you will have the turbine hooked up to a charge controller and the to some deep cycle batteries, then that goes to a inverter which makes it ac. If you want to have a grid tie system you need to get a grid tie inverter. The turbine hooks up the the inverter and then you plug the grid tie inverter into a electrical outlet in your wall. I hope that helps and I will be putting that into a video soon."

And what about this 'we don't want these ugly things in our neighborhood' people?

5. Et cetera

Click here to Culture Change and read the article "The Hype About Hydrogen"

Click here to Skeptic and read the article "The Hydrogen Economy Savior of Humanity or an Economic Black Hole? by Alice Friedemann"

The link below is a busy sort of conspiracy theory like place on Bio diesel and more Some are bizarre, but on the topic of alternate fuel.

so this was my direction of the day...I learned a bit about what all that was about...and now I am gonna have a smoke and wastes some fossil fuel...

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