Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wolfgang's Vault Is A Treasure For My My My Generation!

If I swallow anything evil... 
put your finger down my throat.
If I shiver...  
please give me a blanket keep me warm let me wear YOUR coat.

I was surfing for some streams...and...
This site is a true treasure for my my my generation.
If you have not already heard of this,
you best go there now and



According to the website, the Vault opened in 2003.  It's name comes from Bill Graham as my my generation (who still have enough braincells) should recollect the great concert promoter!  The website states: "Born Wolfgang Grajonca in Berlin in 1931, he escaped Nazi Germany to grow up in a foster home in the Bronx and anglicized his name at the age of 18. Bill Graham, who would come to be known as the midwife of the modern rock concert, was smart and forward-thinking, an opportunist and a listener, fair and ferociously demanding, and he remembered his roots: in the 1980s he opened a small San Francisco club and named it Wolfgang's". Bill Graham died in 1991 and later his collection was purchased by a group headed by Bill Sagan who owns the website.


I am right now listening to Pink Floyd In Concert
from May 9th, 1977 at Oakland Coliseum Arena (Oakland, CA)
and it was really hard deciding what concert to listen to (yes, I just found this site)!
Rolling Stone magazine said Wolfgang's Vault has over 300 concert streams in a 2006 article. The music is clear and noise free.


The vault store sells posters, backstage passes, apparel and tickets.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience ticket from Oct. 1968 is going for over $1500!
A postcard of Jimi Hendrix of the same going for $145.00
A Marilyn Manson straightjacket going for $866.00
Compared to The Beatles (no tickets on sale) a 12 x 12 original poster one of them goes as high as $595


 You can hear "The Pick Of The Day".  There are 25 contributors listed of which I do not know who they are, but I googled the current one
Victoria Keddie and visited her website with bio. Very artistic and accomplished...

Quickly some of my favorite album covers...

This song doesn't get enough classic playtime...Not streamed on Wolgang's Vault






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