Sunday, August 22, 2010

Staying cool and being cool!

W A T E R   W E E N I E S !

That is my dog Isabelle creeping to check if it hit the ground knowing it goes to the hound. It was water you silly old bitch!  That is how far it sprayed in our yard.
I go through the whole simple process of making a water weenie that made for a fun time on a hot day with my grandkids.

I remember when a kid had one of these and said it was homemade.  At that age, I felt doomed never to be able to be AS cool.. I had no idea where to buy tubing in my kid world of maybe a 2 mile radius.

I liked the idea of  what we now label as "DIY".  Forts, tree houses and  digging to China then figuring it out that we could fill the hole with water and have a pool! 
Another dooming factor was my mom.  When I was six, I managed to go two blocks to the local grocery store with my dollar I got from my grandma for "Massagink" her legs with my sister and some local older kids.  It was like 1963 or 64 and we lived on the top of Hilltop Drive in Richmond, CA.  The Hilltop area was a new neighborhood that would be considered the "burbs" back in the day, but they paved my childhood "Paradise And Put Up A Parking lot" and big ass mall called "Hilltop Mall" right where we used to feed the horsies. It was also after the trauma of the JFK assassination.  My mother is seriously catholic and it definitely was a trauma historically and culturally.  I bought a Troll doll and a Fantastic Four comic because I had the same name of the Invisible Girl Susan Storm and that was COOL, too. I really liked cartoons (and still do),.  My mom sees what I bought and tells me it is garbage and throws it away! 

  1.  Surgical tubing, a nice strong rubber band ( I used hair ties) and half a pen.  You can get latex tubing at Home Depot and supposedly there is some at the Wal Mart pet section, but I could not find it online AND THIS NEW LINK FOR COLORED TUBING I actually ganked it from the inlaw's teenage son who had a nice bunch and only took enough to make two (later finding out I could make four).  He says he used it for pect building? 
  2. The rest is simple.  Shove the pen in one end of the tube and then wrap the rubberband over the tubing that is on the pen to hold it on there tight.  Tie a knot on the other end.
  3. The main problem was filling it.  I had to put a rubber nozzle on my faucet to fill it.  See it in the photo?  I shoved the pen into this rubber nozzle that I think came with a water balloon kit. 

So I fill it and the grandbabies are thinking "super cool gramma" (yep) and then I see the problem.  OMG in and out in and out.  I took the nozzle and it fit the hose!  In a perfect world of coolness, one of those brass pressure nozzle tips will be the best because it screws onto a hose.  I imagine IF it pops it could be dangerous...but so is climbing a tree. 
So it was not so boring in a moment of our happy little lives!  

I found the following blog after all was blogged and done when I was looking for where to buy sugical tube. 
They found a place that sells fifty feet of sugical tubing for less than twenty bucks!
You can actually buy it a foot at a time or a roll, but they don't have prices until after you put in your info which I think is strange.

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