Monday, September 20, 2010

3 Dead video choices

I have been out of the rock news loop. I know these guys died, but my search efforts tonight was to research how and when and then choose the pics to embed on my blog tonight.

1.  Bon Scott from AC/DC-  Bon Scott died choking on his
own vomit when he was passed out from an alcohol overdose in his
friends Renault 5 ( a French car).  The album they were working on
ended up being named "Back In Black" with new lead Brian Johnson
who had an astonishingly similar voice to that of Bon.

2.  Brad Nowell:  no need to explain...Love IS what I got for this artist.
Friday was the 9th anniversary of Lou Dog's death.  Lou Dog was taken
care of by Michael "Miguel" Happoldt Nowell's friend and producer after
Nowell died from a heroin overdose (five days after he was married) on
May 25th, 1996.

3.  Lynn Strait lead singer of Snot.
Their first album, Get Some, was introduced in the spring of 1997 featuring a picture of Dobbs balancing a lemon on his nose on the cover. Lynn had just finished writing nine songs for his second album. Lynn had always suffered from Tourette Syndrome, but it was only recently diagnosed. When he found out he got a recording contract he said " Good.  Now I can order cheese on my Whopper".

Lynn and his dog Dobbs died in a car accident Dec 11, 1998.

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