Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barbie - The Undead and more...

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So I looked for it again...Altered Barbies.
Why?  You may query?
One Halloween my eldest daughter gave up her small supply of
Barbies for decorations.  My friend's son Nick loved helping.
We did a ritual dismemberment with ketchup for blood
and a song that my daughter said
she made up (?)
"Barbie is dead!
We pulled off her head!
What about the body?
We flushed it down the potty!"

It is a strange kind of fun thing to make a plastic perfect diva go through dramatic character changes.

Ours was similar to this one below, but more dolls.
Call C.S.I. now Oh No it can't be!  BARRRBIE!
Ken is the primary suspect!

I thought if I were to create a series of altered Barbies and made the
Barbie-Q or a Shish Ka Barbie it would be one more thing to add
to my bio for getting a monthly "nut check" or worse getting put in 
a van by men in white! 

Here is what some people did to her:
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This next one was called Crystal Meth Barbie...
I dunno she has too many teeth and she needs to lose
some of that hair and have a couple of zits that look
bad that she obsessed over and made bleed or maybe
a pipe burn on her lip.
Link to Fugly.com

Years before Barbie debuted at the 1959 International Toy Fair, Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler came across a German sex doll named “Bild Lilli”. This pint-sized vamp was sold as a sexually suggestive gift for adults. Jack Ryan was hired as Barbie’s engineer. Toning down the German doll’s risqué image to be more suitable for children was not on Ryan’s agenda. To the contrary, he often boasted how this new doll was his ideal sexual fantasy, and all other women should start taking notes.

(source: http://stilettorevolt.com/2009/03/the-sex-lies-behind-barbie-2/)
Jack Ryan oh look at his wife Zza Zza!
 Jack Ryan also invented Hot Wheels.

In 1993 a group calling itself the "Barbie Liberation Organization" secretly modified a group of Barbie dolls by implanting voice boxes from G.I. Joe dolls, then returning the Barbies to the toy stores from where they were purchased. (source:wiki)  I missed that. The B.L.O. has it's own website!

Click on the bald GI Barbie head to go to BLO web!

And Barbie pieces can be used in the artistic motif:
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This is one of the many entries at Altered Barbie 2010 MUST SEE!

Click on the (Photo source) beneath the pics to link to their webs.
The Altered Barbie 2010 had so many entries and they are selling them. The one I linked above is called Trophies and sells for $450!

I must have a psychic feel for the bizzarre because as I type there is the above linked event going on in San Francisco.  It is a really entertaining site if this sort of thing entertains you.  In life, I met a Lesbian who blames her mother for making her that way by giving her a Barbie (sans Ken) and then never buying her any clothes.  She said in life she is never satisfied because of the fact all the boobies in real life have nipples. LOL I am just fucking with you or am I sharing a latent memory...

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