Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just a silly grandma distracted by the pretty "lites"

Finally broke down and got a celly.

LG 'dLite' from Paranoid US on Vimeo.

 Mine is pink.

It is a really simple flip phone.  I wanted to have my ear where I hear and my mouth where I talk.  I didn't need to get all complicated with a qwerty keypad because T9 works just fine.  I wanted an alright camera with enough storage to save.  This one has a 2 megapixel cam and does videos.  It saves the videos in quicktime format though and I hate how quicktime manages to be incompatible with windows media programs for editing.
It's most appealing feature to me was the LED matrix.  When a contact calls, the LED lights will scroll the name on the front.  The above video is someone's creation using the LED features.  It is fun.  There is a way to make the LED light up shapes.  There are at least 6 programmed in the phone for chosing, but you can actually make your own patterns.  I have to play with it or hope there grows some user made ones for sharing;  There is also animated wallpaper to choose from, but the phone just came out this spring, I guess and no downloads available yet.  I find that when I save an animated .gif file, I can not play it on my wallpaper.  There is something else that the file needs so it can do so and I am nagging around about it in the Tmobile forums.

I am really not a phone person.  I can easily email or start up the vidcam.  I used to have a voIP phone. Mostly because I have evolved into the quintessential geek grandma.  It breaks down to ONE simple fact:  technology has figured out how to make TV interactive.   Gamers, bloggers, facebook peeps, myspacers and oh do not forget "Whores" of Warcraft" and Second Life are just boob tuber couch potatoes that are now allowed to go somewhere with their TV.  My short experience with Second Life allowed me to be this super model that had an awesome wardrobe.  All free!  . 
I bought my first computer in 1985.

I was truly was convinced that IF I ignored technology, I would never meet Captain Kirk.

Not literally, but use of the computer would be a part of that "Trek" into the future and I wasn't going to go "duh" and be left behind.
What is the purpose of having a "techie" home appliance? 
The calculator is too small, so I really didn't need it for balancing my chaotic home budget.
What else could I do with it?

I guess...find awesome pics like those above to amuse me.  I was actually searching for Barbie on the barBque..

Or this music website that deserves an award in graphic design:

This website is interactive and artistically interesting.  The music has been described as "gothic chamber music of the 21st century".  Vincent Marcone did the album art and you might want to google him to see his art if this art genre appeals to you.

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