Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TV love it or leave it?

Since the original post, we have connected the lappy to the TV!  OMG!  It is awesome.  The TV is like a giant monitor.  Now my personal monitor is too small!  Everybody should do this. Old people should so they don't really need their glasses on!  LOL (like me)

Why pay the cable company for internet AND cable TV?

We have two TV's here that are capable for hook up to our computers, just haven't yet done so.  The closest we have come is hooking up the xbox 360 live and using Netflix on it.  It cuts down on the actual expense of cable.  We can choose what and when we want to watch the TV.

***You will need to turn off the music player in the middle of this post to view the videos...sorry I like sound effects!

These are connection port images taken from Ultimate PC to TV Guide website [link here]

really if you have the port connectors known get the one that goes to the tv on one end of your cord and the one that connects to your PC on the other end of the cord.
If you know the name of the connectors (like HDMI to DVI) that would be the name of the cord you need. The best thing to do is to go to Radio Shack and hope the person there knows sumptin.

Here is what I wanted to really share on my dive:

(edited note) some of these streams have already been whacked or transformed like they have restrictions)  It is a war of the sponsors.  They can't fuck with you every 3 minutes, so these sites might want money if you want to watch it without commercials.  SyFy held out streaming their last episodes of  Caprica.  It will be interesting to be a part of the history of this change.
 How will they do it?  How much will it cost?  Of course it is all about the Benjamins!

The list of sites goes on.  All of the above sites I found have excellent HD quality How much TV does one even need?  If the kids can watch learning shows and I get my movies on...that is all TV has to offer.  Why pay "whatevah" a month for that when you pay $65 already for internet?

Get a playlist!

If you want to watch streams online, hopefully you are lucky and find some that are good quality.  Mostly, if you miss a show on the networks, you will be able to go to their website and see it in HD quality.  They have a day or time after the airing you can then go to it as long as it is on.  Hulu lets you cue them as they come in and has them available for a certain time before they delete them.

Other sites are questionable.  Some have cam versions of movies that are still in the theaters or like with Star Trek and Wolverine, the movies you could download or watch on stream sites were obtained from inside jobs out of the editor's room.

I am not sure about the rule.  Some say watching a stream of a movie that has been cam copied is just as bad as downloading it.
I dunno if the cops went into a theater and saw a dude with a cam corder or Pee Wee who would be the lesser criminal unless the cam corder was on Pee Wee's wee wee...omg what a cyber night mare this is and the moral decisions...

My eldest daughter showed me a site of cartoons having sex OMG so If I watch Star Trek 2009 online, I feel that I did better than seeing a massive cartoon dick on a dwarf  poking Snow White.  I can rationalize my streaming that way.  I made a page on this blog that shows an "R rated" Hentai of Lesbians to a Beatle's Song.  That is as far as my dumpster diving will go in that area. It is there for "lookie here" purposes only. 

Most of the time the stuff at the link stream sites is low quality and even with a good fast connection, it is poor quality.

Two sites I have gone to surfthechannel.com and ineedpopcorn.com have extensive stuff on them and seem to have not been attacked by the internet police much.  These sites are just linking stations to the sites that have the movies or TV shows you want to watch.  They are also plagued with pop ups, but I have survived.  I watched a few TV series in it's entirety using surf the channel.

My recent fascination with Dean Winter and his Allstate insurance ads made me want to watch his work in the HBO series "Oz" .  I found another stream site http://tv.blinkx.com/ and it seems to be pretty smooth.  This one took me to Tudou.com which is the literally translated People's Republic of China's Potato.net.  I have been there before with slower internet and slower computer, but also was able to watch entire TV series that sent me to this link.  I watched Enterprise and Stargate Atlantis with this hunt and stream method.  You just have to pick and choose what links are going to work for you. 

Another site seems to come and was called watch-movies.net.  I know the URL for this is not the same as what you get when you google it.  If you google the name watch movies.net, you go to a spam site that wants you to download some movie viewer.

Whenever a site asks you to download something, it is possibly dangerous.  It probably won't be some killer trojan, but it would/could be a trojan that grabs hold of you for advertising purposes like adware which sometimes they call Malware, but the bad or Mal of it all is that it makes your computer a spam factory.  You will get all sorts of popups and such.  The virus programs available now find these and I use Malwarebytes anti-malware daily.   I am not advocating that where I am sending you will give you a virus.  I am telling you FRANKLY that you are going to get shit wherever you go.  Even and especially Facebook.  The advertisers know they have a big user base to prey upon.  You might want to get in the habit of surfing the techie blogs.  Don't dwell on the big bad infected internet.  Thanks to conscientious programmers,  we can maintain our privacy and virtual health. 
Click here to Cnet download site for Malwarebytes Anti Malware program free version
it only cost about $26 for the full version.  What is your security worth?
Click here to a good techie blog
Click here to SECURITY NOW podcast site

I have watched many a movie and TV show streams. Oh and I caught up on the Anime fascination via streams.  Sometimes, you  really have to work it around to get a good stream link.  It gets  old.  It is kind of like watching on air channels with static..you just  got to be bored or desperate to watch through all that.Now that I have  Netflix, I don't really stream as much.  I would rather pay now a days  and see it in better quality.  If I hook up my TV to my PC I might just  do more. 
I really appreciate the efforts of these link stations, but if they want any of my money, stand in line!  The whole reason I stream and do not buy is because I am a broke ass old bitch who wants it NOW.  Yes, before I die.  If a Star Wars fan died before May 1983, they would of  died without the knowledge that Han got freed from his carbonite prison?   I just don't wanna go like that.

FINAL NOTE (edited in)
TV stations and all of the TV industry is gonna be putting up a fight. Broadcasting is turning into "broad"streaming.  It is a fact of life.  The thing is:  what is the price they want.  If the broadcasting networks are in control, surely it will be free.  Ya think?  Hulu is already charging $7.99 for full access to episodes they have (like back seasons).  Netflix is charging.
  • They tried selling you a TV Video Card
  • They tried selling you a cabled box
  • They tried selling you a wireless box
  • They tried selling you game systems that link to internet stuff
  • Now we have internet TV.(see video below)

We have witnessed transformation from the get go. Now there is more! 
You used to be able to buy a TV and keep it for a long time....
Technology is improving so quickly, that our toys are buy now then buy better later.  That later becomes sooner. 

I think the best thing to do is the least amount of shit to get you satisfied TV wise and ride it out until they all decide what the standard will be.  You don't want a useless pile of electronics.

And the price of an internet connection?  Will it go by the economic principle that the greater the demand the greater the production and the ?????
Will this stimulate our economy?

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