Monday, October 18, 2010

Bette Blank Art

A water witch or dowser [link]
 My surf habits are like a Divining Rod to my own personal weird or likes. I feel like I get lucky and I MUST share.  Hope you don't mind...

Back before the dumpster locks, trash in one receptacle regulations and when I lived in a large metro area, I went on some diving trips when bored.  I also likes trash day and to drive slow past some of them.  I found some good shit.

Bluezy's Virtual Dumpster Dive was created for me to share my surfing experience. In lieu of hitting the FaceGook share button, I could dump it here was my original thought.  

I just don't sit at my computer desk all day blogging.  There is an editor on Blogger that saves drafts and even schedules posts.  I find treasures from my virtual dumpster (the internet) I will start a post and then piece it together slowly, but surely.  

My "The Censored Matrix USA part III "One day as a Pirate" is still in editing stage.  
On my way searching for images I found:


There is ownership to everything on the internet.  If I find a pic that I want to alter, it could be offensive to the creator of the original.  In my feelings, I was honoring it by choice and being lazy because I can't just go out and get that pic or the art done I want to alter is just perfect for my needs.  Again laziness sets in and tells me I am thinking too much and so just go do what I can do and hope not to offend.  I will exclude this ONE below and link it to the webpage of origin.  I wanted to find a caddy and put a DVD disk in it driving then I found this sort of Pop Art picture by Bette Blank.  I like that name, 
I am taking a pause in my self indulging blogging to really see this.  Bette's got it going on for quite a while. OH yeah I am an Idiot Savant in art as well.  Take me seriously.  In another life I could of been an entrepeneur.


You MUST see all her stuff and her resume and know that it might be a 300x600 copy and link from Google Image Search, but according to her resume BETTE BLANK is far from a literal blank.  She sports some mighty fine laurels.  "Bette Blank has a Ph.D. in Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, but her art is about the emotions and feelings of everyday life. In 2000, Blank gave up her day job to pursue painting full-time. According to the artist, it was her mother’s death which caused her finally to pursue her dream..."  By the way, Bette Blank is not a pseudonym.  She is as real as her work!

[click here to see the State Of the Arts Video with Bette talking about her story] quotations above source

[click here to see a linkable list of her art]

[click here to read Bette's resume'].  

[click here to Adam Baumgold Gallery to see more Bette]

The show was aired this summer.  I swear I have a divining rod to my virtual dumpster.  This woman is inspiration to people like me.  I have this desire and drive to just start showing my creative insides.  The blog and my photo manipulating is just a start.
My daughters have the art in them. 
My eldest daughter has a furry alter ego. This is her self portrait:

this is just one of many including comics, poetry and story writing.
[link to Raayven Wolfgirl web pages here]

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Bluezy (Susan)


Kacey said...

Heh, That's such an old picture. XD But thanks Mom, for posting me here! I should give you a newer picture, ^^

Bluezy said...

You need to put a page on your website. You are only getting better dear!

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