Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy Blue Ball Factory

I found this looking for gif and then found out it's origin and interesting history.

Grabbed this from The Gif Bin [link].  There is a detail on this at

"YTMND, an acronym for You're The Man Now, Dog!', is a website community that centers around the creation of YTMNDs, which are pages featuring a juxtaposition of a single image, optionally animated or tiled, along with large zooming text and a looping sound file. YTMND is also the general term used to describe any such site." - Wikipedia
Make sure you scroll down and read this wiki especially the portion on Conflicts.
I am making it easier for you to know what they meant on the conflicts by giving you the following links to the materials contested:

  • Ebaum's World conflict over Lindsay Lohan creation [link]
  • Church of Scientology legal conflict [link]
  • Sega legal battle - I couldn't find the exact one if it is there [link to ytmnd search all sonic] [ytmnd hard core rap response]  Warning adult content.  Supposedly Sonic has been accused of implanting sex poses into the video that have been found by those with that kind of finding talent.  Seriously.  One of the reasons for the lawsuit, I imagine is the exploiting of this fact.
  • Scholastic legal issues- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows spoilers [no link I went there and now am pissed that I won't be surprised when I see it]  of course if you read the books I guess it would be there?  I found out from someone who DID read the books that the spoiled content is actually diffent and most likely created to baffle even the fans that thought they knew what was poing to happen. I love surprises in a movie. DAMN!
  • PEZ legal attempts- the pez that started it all and then it got viral with a contest inspired by the legal suit attempts. After you link to the pez ground zero check out the rest and look at this t-shirt!

    If you like to search the Virtual Dumpster I call the internet and like graphic oddities you can be entertained from time to time if you hop to ! They do have adult content creations. Do not think I am leading you to the depth of the dumpster to do some dirty deed. I would think that IF you dig in the dumpster, you are smart enough to NOT poke into the shit. Like all dumpsters, the Virtual Dumpster has it all!

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