Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tharse Critters In My Dumpster...aww cute!

Me love pet Me hug pet!

This is my virtual pet on iGoogle.  I call it Vampster

You can feed him.

This is my blog pet.  I found her diving in my virtual dumpster called the Internet.  

Her name is Lilith.

You can feed the turtles and change the color of the water and the number of turtles.

These are the penquins. You can link a background and choose the number you want and how many of those are babies! They follow your mouse.

Danger in Bikini Bottom!

All of the above aBaum gadgets found it when messing with my iGoogle page.  [Link here]

Don't forget to look up at night and turn off those porch lights!


Thank you for visiting my blog.
Bluezy (Susan)

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