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"Imitation is the sincerest flattery" ....

AMV stands for "Anime Music Video".  They are fan created videos with clips from Anime, cartoons or even video games accompanied by music.  It is entertaining to see a rock song you like compiled into animation.  Some are very good.

I am going to link you with a very talented AMV producer-  Sierra Lorna (bio)
What I like about a good AMV is that it is not just an Anime rolling from the original.  It is clipped with effects and to get lip motion that mocks the singing, to me THAT is especially a treat!  You can see in this AMV that Sierra Lorna is meticulous in her editing.  It is a long process and she shows her talent and love in her work.

PinkyandBrainy has a how to video on YouTube which I can't find out of the countless ones on there, but it is the one I watched to learn how it was done. PinkyandBrainy has their own production channel on YouTube DeepVoidProductions.
The AMV below is an example using video game as a topic.

Because YouTube's copyright policies and management issues over AMV fan creations, the AMV community has separated itself from YouTube streaming. 

Lorna's bio above is her member profile of a site
a large AMV community share site.  Membership is free and you can preview many or download.  The search engine is so detailed that I went there and looked up the specific Anime and a song and it linked me up.  You can preview the AMV (not always) and/or download.  The previews I have seen were as long as the downloads.  If I knew blogging better, I'd use downloads from Anime Music Videos library instead of YouTube on this post.

You can also go to her website Premonition Studios to see her collection.
If you enjoy Anime and music, you can experience both in a unique way.  In some instances you may prefer it over the Official Music Video of the artist!

Here is one with TuPac  and Avatar The Last Airbender

This one is from the adult cartoon series "Drawn Together" to the ICP song "What is a Juggalo"?  The best thing is that this is edited to make the video appear to sing along and the scenes are so like they belong to the song altogether.

WARNING THIS SUPER VIOLENT AND GRAPHIC (but if you watch Anime anyways, you should be used to it)

The next one I did.It was the first out of two that I did as a lazy summer of 2009 project.


When you make a thing like a cartoon or Anime, this thing is watched and then it is done.  When you have a fan base that recreates it over and over again with music it is a good thing.  OMG there must be a million Naruto AMVs!   Fan communities like AMV and fan fiction places should be respected by the artists they revere.  The Japanese have a thing called Dojinshi which are unauthorized publications and are encouraged by the artists they follow.

"Imitation is the sincerest  flattery". -Charles Caleb Colton

 Featured Artist- Johnny Hollow
Link here to sample song.

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