Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pirate For A Day

This is part III on the topic of "The Censored Matrix:  USA".   
If you ever wondered about copying your DVD collection with your computer, I decided to be a "Pirate For A Day"!
And check out this fast forward draw of Captain Jack Sparrow.  Amazing!

So my previous thoughts expressed in my latest blog post was:
I advocate copying, but not piracy.  Because if you own a CD or DVD you have the right of ownership to copy it.  This way you can preserve your investment and have a playing copy that if it becomes scratched can be copied again.  I took that theory on a test drive!

I mentioned in part II that I would use Danuisoft Media Converter because it claimed to copy even copy protected movies. I managed to borrow a copy that is registered so I can use all it's functions.

  1. 09:55 AM - I go to the DVD rack pic the most likely to be trashed by kids movie:  Son Of Mask
  2. 10:00 AM - I click on the converter and click LOAD DVD.  It takes seconds to scan and gives me a long list of files "Title 01-01 then below Title 02-03 and down some estimated 25 to 40 file and they are not in numerical sequence. 
  3. 10:02 I select format to be converted as HD .avi (I know that is the movie format because I have seen movie files before when I watched Dr. Who from the internet at a friends place and that is my story and I am sticking to it.
  4. 10:03 I click start.
  5. 10:36 I come back and see that the first file is just at 12%.  After the file name it has duration and this file duration (must be copy time) is 01:34:06.  I am going to take advantage of my computer multi task ability and crawl around the web.  BRB in an hour or so to update progress.
  6. 12:06  I lied. Still on the first file and at 41%.  I am going to pull up the task manager and see how much of my cpu is being used for this shit. 
  7. Fuck it 2 hours and it is still working on the first file is not acceptable.
I f you look at the above screen shot, see the lines of text?  Those are all files.  Now mind you I did this twice before this little test over the weekend because we rented 'Prince of Persia' and so I wanted to see if it would copy.  I did a test run before dinner on a DVD I recently bought at Hastings for $5, 'Freaky Friday'.  I love all the Lindsay Lohan movies. They make you remember your youth with a smile.  And her social life, well that makes me remember my youth as well.  It is hard to keep up with all that partying.   Some just can't hold it in and maintain a public appearance.  I know I was the poster child of shame...and my mother reminds me to this day.

So back to being a pirate.   So the 'Freaky Friday' recording was done before dinner and it took not even an hour.  I had just run the program with out changing the format to .avi.  It recorded in MP4 for Ipod.  I only imagine that it would be a little square
of a movie and that is why it went so fast.
What concerned me is that I have an old 2008 computer 32 bit at 2.2 MHz and only a gig of RAM.
I still use XP and I am content with its performance.
Danuisoft at times was using 99% of my CPU.  Screw that!

I tried Prince of Persia and read the files at least.  It would of taken a long time with that movie.

 And then trying to figure out how to merge those files to make one file.  There is a program for that, too. I could not tell why they had so many chapters to it.and why didn;t they copy in numerical. order?  To copy ONE movie is like a mission.  It is not just pop it in and it is done!

YOU SHOULD GO TO THIS OTHER BLOG CALLED 'THE PIRATES LIFE'. [link here]If not for just the first video of a Pirate on a job interview!  It then goes through a series of short videos of the pirate at work in the office.  Funny shit. It made up for this bogus adventure.

So my conclusion is that you have to be dedicated and well equipped to be a pirate.  Willing to enslave a computer to copying for hours. And:

  • GET A DVR OR TIVO...i am outtie beAtches!

Thank you for viewing my blog!

Bluezy (Susan)

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