Saturday, November 6, 2010

Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea...

"the act does not make a person guilty unless the mind be also guilty".

I violate by altering the code html to fit my needs. I respect their property, though by including their 'get your playlist ' box.  I like to include music on my blog posts and the damned playlist player is way too big , so I trimmed the height to 160 and cut out the last part of the html with all but one ad and then paste the ad to the top instead of the bottom. I have to close the embed code by typing it at the end . I use control F to find the preset height value 270 and change them all to 160 to make it easier. I like how lets you put your own image in as skin.

When I crawl in "my virtual dumpster", I find a lot of good stuff that I think is worth sharing.  It was the purpose of my Virtual Dumpster Dive to have a place to store and display these things.  Sometimes I do a project and search a specific topic and share my findings on my dive.

Yesterday I came across a warning banner on a blog:

 [click here to watch Copyscape explained on YouTube]

Ironically, the blog was using an image from google search that did not belong to her.  It got me to think, though.

So what is this big new dumpster all about if it is not for looking at and sharing?  In a blog sense will this benign form of 'plagiarist' sharing give us all bad grades?

I love to use other peoples pictures to express maybe what I am writing about.  Like right now, I am thinking....

I downloaded Picasso's 'Blue Nude' and then downloaded 'Prison Lock' by an artist named Ken Powers [see here] and GIMP'd the images to make the statement that was in my mind. Did I just mutilate a work of art to make Picasso and his family angry? Or did I promote Ken Powers who is veritably unknown?  Or did I honor both in the choosing and used the images that by seeing it in my mind and merging the two to portray the image to share how I feel?  One thing I did was link the origin so that the few viewers of my blog can go and see they exist in my very deep and vast virtual dumpster called the Internet. It could be thought that I am exploiting the two for my lack of personal talent to produce an image out of my mind paint it and share it. I could go out and buy some paints and take some time to put out what I see in my brain. If you knew my drawing talents, you would know that I am pretty good at copying what I see.  So why don't I just paint what I think, instead?  Well, that is a bud inside me that just hasn't blossomed over the years.

You can go to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act wiki [here]
but it is like looking into Medusa's eyes (so fucking boring you will turn to stone). Yet all that legal mumbo jumbo is going to probably be incorporated into my virtual dumpster, as web developing evolves.

I have claimed in the past that I am an 'Idiot Savant' when it comes to many things. Mark my words. The web developing that is up and coming WILL include what they now are calling 'DRM' Digital Rights Management.  And that copyscape technology above in the video. It will all be included in the web design cost or it will be some major code manipulations made public to DYI people.
[click here for DRM wiki]
[see here for more info on DRM marketing]

I have already encountered obstacles to copying that I just found out what they are by research.  I once used an image and later the link was broken.  I suspect it was some removal hocus pocus I know not the name.

Check out what I learned:  Try to right click on any images or places on my blog! Whoa that is cool huh?

If you don't want your ideas on Blogger to be copied you can disable the right click [see how to here]  

If you want to overcome someone who has done this just capture the whole screen [go here to find out how]  It is a pain in the ass to have to resort to capturing the page to get an image to share, though.

I am an avid violator of images. I am a GIMP'er. I love to graphically manipulate, what can I say. If I am pissing off any authors or grand masters..oh well let me introduce you to my leetle blog man!

I just disabled my right click for the sake of this blog post. I can enable it soon.  I have no issues over you copying what I have.  It is not my life's fortune.  I am not profiting from this blog [unless a lotto winner hits my PayPal panhandling gadget and shares with me].

Thank you for viewing my blog,
Bluezy (Susan)


Anonymous said...

Hi I do not agree ...

Bluezy said...

Agree that if Toyota does not have a model at the price I want there is always Nissan, Chevy, Ford, Hundai...and on that look almost the same.
But on the Internet...who knows how one profits...but sharing is just an F button away on facebook. So copying and linking is promotion not stealing considering the millions of search results you can click. It is like taking a long and lengthy journey and pointing out what you see...that is basically what I do. And at times I twist it...but ergo the freedom...