Friday, November 26, 2010


If you watched Batman Beyond...this will make some closure for you. Years later, this episode appears in the Justice League series.
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Epilogue (Justice League Unlimited)

Batman beyond T&L Kim Tan | Myspace Video

Watch Batman Beyond in HD on
Watch Batman Beyond (all three seasons)  and Justice League (4 seasons) on Blinkx Remote

Blinkx Remote is a great dumpster find.  There are a lot of TV series you can follow that maybe you missed throughout the years. And you can start at the beginning and go at YOUR own pace.
They have True Blood and Sons of Anarchy there.
I recently purchased the proper hdmi cable to hook my daughter's 64 bit HP laptop to the flatscreen.  Screw paying for cable channels.

The internet has it all.  Except CBS is pretty stingy with offering HD full episodes. Hulu and NetFlix are looking good on there, but I fear that Hulu is going to start holding out and actually already has been.  They want a monthly fee as well that will offer more videos.
If you ever watched something on Megavideo, you know they kick you off after I think it is 74 mins. That usually is not enough to see a movie, but enough to watch an episode. If you want to watch another episode try CACAOWEB plugin for Mozilla.  [link] It bypasses the time limit.

I have the cacaoweb browser to watch Megavideo and so far no problems. There is some controversy behind it.  It does make your anti-virus register it as a false positive and if you have a good anti-virus, it will ask to delete it or during a scheduled scan delete it automatically.
I researched it and some are freaked out that it is spyware and others are not.  My 'puter seems to work fine.  I will follow up on this if it messes up my computer from my newer and better one if it happens. :) Still using Windows XP and 2Ghz 32 bit processor and 1 Gb of RAM  for my own virtual dumpster diving.

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