Friday, November 19, 2010

I like birds...

Very user friendly bird song resource [Link here]

.gif animation MadelineWoe aka Bluezy

Birds by Seth Fitts [Link here to his Deviant Art page]

 Paintings by Craig Kosak [link to gallery]

A Murder of Crows by James Alderidge 
[link here to the David Risley Galleries Display]

detail of the mural


Tim Chaney said...

I love birds too. Guess I take after Mom there. Then my nieces hubby carves them for a living. I have a couple he gave to my parents long, long ago.

He won 2nd best in the world at a big carving show here twice. The ones I have were done when he was young and have some flaws, but one day they may be worth as much or more than his new ones.

I hope he gets my new bird done by Christmas. He don't just give them away either so I know I must be getting old!

It's going to be a mean looking Osprey with a nice Rockfish in it's talons, you can even see the gills on the fish.

They were close to foreclosure some time ago and I gave them $800 but told him I wanted a bird. It's taking him a long time but I know the longer it takes the more detail it will have.

It was close to being painted the last time I saw it, I bet he could sell it for $2500! Well worth giving them a hand when they needed it too.

Bluezy said...

Oh yes. The carvings are beautiful and meticulously accurate. I imagine it takes him a long time to do that.

You are lucky to have such a work of art.

I have yet to see an osprey. I had seen a National Geographic article on Coeur D'Alene Idaho. The cover picture of burgeoning fast water attracted me. It has the largest Osprey population supposedly (at least in the '90's it was) and described them as water eagles. It would be awesome to see one live swooping down on the water.

I did have the opportunity to see bald eagles a many in Washington state. One I have a picture of but it is with a phone camera and could be better.

Yes birds are beautiful creatures.