Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I remember now...

Having not been able to see Pink Floyd due to financial and parental restrictions...back in the day. All I got to see was a Laser Light Show in San Francisco in the '80's of Pink Floyd and since I was baked on some good Sensimillia I am confused if it was Dark Side of The Moon?
I made up for it with this one concert!


I was fortunate to have seats in the third row from the stage for this concert back in '91.
Geoff Tate from a female point of view in leathers and magnificent vocals. Chris Degarmo spotlighted playing solo with his hair blowing. The video and light effects!
I am so glad they have it recorded. And if you notice at the 5:48 mark Geoff sings "Madison, We gotta make a change, yeah". This is especially a treat because I spent 8 yrs of my childhood in Madison, Wisconsin. So that must be the Dane County Collesium. I saw it at the UNLV Thomas and Mack Center. I can literally say "I remember now..."

 Please click here to listen "Home Again" which is hard to find and embed. It was released last year as part of the concept album called "American Soldier". The song is beautiful and the passion is real.
It is a duet that Geoff Tate sings with his daughter Emily.[read more at source].  In an earlier album there is a song about a dad who is never there. [click here to see Bridges]. Tate has 4 daughters and although I have not researched this, I would imagine that his concerns are more local because of his parental passions.

Geoff Tate's website is mostly active with activities concerning his wine label with Three Rivers Winery in Walla Walla, WA.
"Loyal listeners of Tate’s music are now getting to the age where more of them are likely to appreciate a good glass of wine, she said. His shows often open with tastings". [read more at source]

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