Sunday, November 14, 2010

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 In May 2009, I up and quit it all and moved to the beach.  My ex, but still married had passed and left me the mother of his children as beneficiary and I received his long earned pensions.  It was a reality call.  I realized that life can soon be finite, so I took the chance.  It was an opportunity because my son in law was wanting to move there to be close to the father he had not known since he was 6 yrs old.  The youngin's stayed the summer, but moved back to Idaho after having some issues with the newly discovered dad.  I stayed.

Cape Disappointment just north of where the Columbia River enters the Pacific.  a 10 min drive from my little drug war retirement spot.  It was a summer dream living in an RV 1 1/2 blocks from the beach.  The Washington beaches are cold, but my dog and I loved searching for driftwood.  It costs 10 bucks a year to join the senior center and 1 buck for Tai Chi lessons once a week.  They let you into the senior center when you are 50 yrs old.  I had not joined it.  I had some business to attend to for my eldest daughter in Seattle and boom!  An accident. My Bronco was rolling backwards and I was trying to hold it and yelling for help. When I could no longer prevent it from rolling, I moved out of the way only to trip on some garbage containers.  The 1995 Full Sized Bronco rolled over me dislocating my hip and breaking 5 of my ribs.  My hip required surgery because as it dislocated, it blew out the front part of the cup that holds the thighbone. I had to have surgery to put metal in there to hold the bone back in.

I am fine now...all bones mended. Just couldn't stay on the beach with the 4 month recovery time...I had to keep my leg at a certain angle and not walk on it from November To March.  It was like a hocus pocus back to my youngest daughter's life. Even though I lived in such a picturesque place, the lack of family love made it a lonely place. But it took an extreme condition to place me back into their lives. When you can't walk and can hardly wipe your is your loved one's that carry you, if they love you.  With the grand baby on the way, I just sort of fit in here and now my daughter is going to college with out stress with me watching the baby.

I am doing something I feel is required.  I have a place in my family and this is what it is.  I wish when I wanted to go to school, my mom could of done it.  But let me tell ya...the grand babies (3 of them) are the best little buddies to have.  Their parents are somewhat boring and having lived a relationship, I have to hold back on my opinion.  After all the drugs are behind me, I still have one substance that is hard to deal with...testosterone.  Maybe that is why my marriage and later long relationship had it's turbulence.

Daily, I would try to get out on the beach at low tide and go looking for stuff washed up.

Creating these videos for my MySpace blog spot made it even more of an adventure and motivation to find something really good on the beach.  I called my blog "High Times At Low Tide".  If I were to stay there, I most likely would of graduated to a google blog spot. LOL But...oh I am here anyways!
Here are a couple of my favorites.

A lucky day on the beach...

A road trip to Astoria, Oregon.


Tim Chaney said...

The Ocean sounds soothing, the Atlantic is only 30 miles from here.

Awesome art too!

afterthegoldrush said...

Cool post! I am glad that you ran across Tim's blog, so I could run across yours.:)

Bluezy said...

I am glad you all go here and I go there. LOL
Thanks. I learn something or am reminded of something every time I visit your blogs.