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Peace Sells...Blinging Peace To The World?

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My mother nicknamed Poo by my father (Pearl Of The Orient) 81yrs old

The Story of My War child Mom
My mother was rescued by Allied forces in 1945. She was the youngest of  four young debutantes from Manila. They abandoned their lifestyle when rumor came that the Japanese were going to take Manila. The eldest sister, my aunt Elisabeth (Ivy) (they called her Elli) had stayed in Manila because she believed the Americans would come and stop it.
She was killed by sniper fire and her body never found.

My grandmother Catalina Rosalewski told me a story she had heard about how the people would hear yelling saying, "Food Food" and Japanese soldiers waving on people from the back of a truck. When the crowd rallied up to the truck, weapons were exposed and people shot in mass. This was one story of many of what happened when the Americans were on their way to freeing Manila and the Philippines. The Japanese destroyed as much as they could and killed off as many as they could so that when the US came there would be NOTHING. Women and children.

Elli had married a man we only know as Ivy (his last name) from Georgia who worked with my grandfather on the docks. My grandfather was an old German American stevedore at the Manila Harbor. My aunt had returned with her one year old baby before the war hit the Philippines from an attempt to live in the States. She left Ivy because she could not handle the harsh opinions of race and cultural changes.

My mom was only 12 yrs old and her niece Carol (Elli's baby) who was 2 yrs old spent from the last part of 1941 in the interior province of Panpanga hiding from the Japanese until 1945 when the Allies marched in.

Under the Japanese, all Americans in the Philippines had to be registered and interned into the concentration camps. My grandfather was taken to a POW camp in San Thomas when the Japanese took Manila in Jan. 1942.  His best friend Mr. Todd was pictured with the famous three emaciated POW's on the Life Magazine cover.  Since my mother and sisters (not Carol they had to hide her) were half American, they didn't force them into camps. My grandfather Albert Johannes Rosalewski died of Berry Berry a disease that is associated with starvation.  His  family lost everything to WAR and they were also starving.  To this day, my mother does not eat sweet potatoes because apparently they had only that to eat many times.

When the Allies gained control of Manila on their way they found my mom's family.  My 'aunt' Carol was about 6 years old and was a toe head curly topped malnourished version of Shirley Temple.  My mother remembers the names of the soldiers that saved her.  The 6th Ranger Battalion.

My mother's family came to the US on a medical ship and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My mother was 15 when she arrived.

I surely cannot imagine one day of war and my mother waited almost 3 yrs. It was enough time for my grandfather's health to degrade into a starvation disease and die.

There are forces out there that hear no peace and will not stop unless they are put in check with the gun.  The gun moved in and forced the enemy from my mother's homeland and saved her.

Japan and Germany are now 'peaceful' and productive nations and the treaties following orchestrated by the leaders of peaceful nations.

I and my family hold no grudge for those nations.  My grandmother would just say, "I no liking Japanese", but they did not pass hate to us children. My mother has had a few Japanese friends in life. War is not always that forgiving in a family.

To live with hate is death and one might as well been shot instead and it be over with.
Why propagate this to your children? Hate, bigotry, and narrow no tolerance views.
We all share this planet. All I can think of it to say to the haters is "Shut the Fuck up and get along"!

It is necessary to stop the cycle of anger and hate! 

Dave says above:
"If there's a NEW way, I'd be the first in line, but it better work this time"!



IF JUST FOR TODAY:  Think about it though...

[GIMP'd by MadelineWoe]
    Sitting in an American Lazyboy with pretty little peace signs as decor...
seems more commercial than compassion.
Don't just wear your little trinkets. As it is said on the streets: "REPRESENT" . Live in a peaceful manner.  More importantly teach your children to live in a peaceful manner.  It is a travesty that so many 'good' devotees to their religion all seem to have fingers of judgment and mouths that spew hatred. I see it wrong that one can believe in love of God and then turn around and differ themselves with religion! Some if not many times vehemently! How Liliputian of your Deities!

" If music be the food of love, play on".
William Shakespeare

[By Alan Grant- had no source]


The hand of  God should never be a fist, but be a hand to hold and to greet. And any begging that God's hand should be doing should not be for money sake, but for love and peace sake.

~MADelineWoe 1996

PEACE includes:
  • is not just stopping war.  
  • being safe and secure
  • not just putting down a weapon.
  • unfortunately having to use a show of force to protect your own from danger. 
  • freeing those who are captive and in danger.
  • collectively and with out religion motives seek out oppressive ways and regimes.
  • organizing a global communication (UN) for improving all conditions.

A video I made for the Bloggers Unite Event:

It all is not just some wonderful world that we can hold hands in and watch "Skittles" drop from the sky.  And there is a whole lot more to be done for those victims of war, famine, and evil oppressive regimes!

Thanks to Mimi Lennox from Mimi Write blog for creating and setting bloggers on a course towards PEACE.  

Please go to The Official Site Of BlogBlast For Peace [here] for a list of paticipating bloggers. It is a great opportunity to see the think tank of PEACE blogger style. Already I have seen some awesome creations and great words!
Thank you for viewing my blog!

Bluezy (Susan)

Post thought:
Also, (not today but pick a day) could you do me a favor and just don't eat for one day? In honor of the POW's that had starved in captivity as my grandfather did and those war children that are starving as well? Thank you.


ipanema said...

nice much to learn.

Peace to you.

Anndi said...

What a wonderful post, sharing thoughtfully chosen songs and allowing us to learn about your roots.

Peace be with you, in your heart and in all you do.

DrillerAA09 said...

May peace reign in your heart and life this day.

Akelamalu said...

Peace to you my friend.

I read the story of your family, I'm sorry for what happened to them - their story is the best reason that we shouldn't have wars. x

Bluezy said...

The headlines should read:
Nations with the means should continue to send relief and get with the leaders and say, "Wait didn't your wife just have a baby? Compare photos and then think: Is this not what all people want?" NO gun toting just bags and trucks worth of relief and resources to build NOT destroy.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Thank you for sharing your mother's story. A wonderful post and love Cat Steven's Peace train!


Obrigada por visitar meu cantinho neste dia em que muitos blogueiros emprestam seu espaço para a PAZ. Notei que você tem histórias emocionantes de vida e é bom quando compartilhamos isso em prol de um mundo mais humano, mais digno.
Paz e bem!
Bjins e até!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Wow Bluezy...incredible post and story and words...

Thanks for participating...

May peace be with us all today and always

Robin said...

Amen. Peace to you and yours, today and every day.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Travis Cody said...

Peace to you and yours.

Annelisa said...

What happened to your mother and her family during the war was horrible. It should never have happened. But it did, and it will take generations to deal with. I hope, eventually, we as a species, will be able to do so.

You have put a clip here of one of my favourite films of all kind Enemy Mine...I just love the development of the story, how two beings totally alien to each other can become always gave me hope!

Wishing you peace and happiness x

Mimi Lenox said...

Incredible peace post. Incredible story. Heartbreaking and tragic what happened to your family. I thank you for sharing this pain and journey in public (a brave thing as well) and these words of hope about NOT hating.

This is a strong strong statement. I will return here for inspiration when I need it and refer others to your wonderful site. You have a voice and you used it well.

Peace to you and yours,
Mimi Lenox

Border Explorer said...

Thanks so much for such a thoughtful, artistic, honest and authentic posts for peace. I've seen a number of posts, but yours really is a stand out. Peace...let's not blow it!

Michelle said...

Outstanding post. So much I liked it's hard topinpoint specifics. Oh, the best maybe were Enemy Mine, which I think was one of the best movies ever, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens (I used Peace Train for my first blogblast in 2008!) and then all your personal stories and family memories.

I used some of my great Uncle's poems for Veteran's day last year. He was a prisoner of war and although he did write some poems about missing his family most of the poems are about food.

I think only those who experience war or violence truly understand how important Peace is.