Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where I was on November 22rd, 1963

I was five years old and watching "Jungle Jim with Johnny Weismueller" when there was a news bulletin.  I remember being initially mad when they interrupted.  Then...

My mother fell to the floor in the kitchen and started wailing like at a Greek wake.  I learned a word. Assassination.
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Later, I saw a boy who lost his dad. The funeral was also his birthday. 

Source:   Website for book "Remember The Wink"

I was raised Catholic, so at an early age I knew the president's name.  I also knew they went to my school to vote for Bobby.
My family had very strong opinions on what the assassination was about.

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Tim Chaney said...

I was 6 years old too. I didn't understand and was unhappy that my cartoons weren't on.

My father never believed the lone gunman story. In just five years Jack, Bobby and MLK were killed.