Friday, December 10, 2010

Alien Warning!

So crawling around in the Virtual Dumpster (I call the internet), I run across a Rael website via a picture.
I watch their design video.  It is a man named Claude who in the wilderness of France encounters a flying saucer.  Out comes this "alien" that looks like Brandon Boyd of Incubus that explains that he is the creator of Earth that mankind mistakenly thought was God. He explains how his race the Elohim  is what we all wrote about in the Bible and all the other God like writings of our various religion.

They started experimenting with dna to try to create themselves.  First virus and bacteria and then going on to complex life forms.  When all was said and done they made man and woman and realized they were fuckable and came down to fuck.  When they fucked, they also shared their personal dna or greater intelligence by impregnating their Earth lovers. 

So if you are horney...pray for the Elohim to visit!  It will be an out of this world fucking experience.  Pray hard.  They are like smart guys they created you so they know how to please you.  And most likely the female Elohim come down and play as well, but use birth control of some sort because they don't want stupid babies.


Bored already because I was crawling around in unknown dumpsters...I captured the video and combined it with another-calling it:

Alien Warning (with Incubus)

[picture source]
Sssshhh Be very very quite. World making!

I am such a weirdo.  Passed some time doing geek shit again.
Experimented with some new GIMP paintbrushes and did the
Giant Alien World Maker.

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Ophiuchus said...

Weird idea...aliens creating humans...ever see the film 'Stargate'? (the original movie, not the movie of the series) That was an interesting idea about humans being used by aliens as slaves, and the source of eternal life :-)

I was interested to notice your solar energy charity link at the top, as I recently read a blog article from Mexico where a town had just got a whole lot of beans, and they were cooking them on a solar cooker!

Thanks for visiting my astronomy blog, and commenting...I just added the pictures to the post I did Friday (didn't have time then) and will be posting the next 'Constellation of the month' [it's Cassiopeia] this weekend :-)