Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't Delay! Act Now! Supplies are running out!

Have a jolly jolly spending spree!
As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet....I picked out some yuletide gifts that can be shared.

USB devices can be interesting...

Scent 2.0 (out of stock)  is an scented oil USB device. For smelly offices, disguise the odor of booze and buddha from the boss and co workers and game marathoners.  [source link]

This is a USB beverage cooler.
USB power keeps your drink perfectly chilled
Add a little style to your desk and keep your
drink cold at the same time.
[source link]

Electrons Be Gone! Static Electricity Eliminator

[more at source]


Below is a great little collection to start up. They are 30 bucks each, though.  But if you are a fan...this one is Dumbledore's

[Click here to Olivander's Wand Shop @ Universal]

Or better:  Be a REAL WIZARD!

[Programmable TV universal remote]

[Wand activated LED] I would buy!

Everybody knows someone who needs this decal (along with the USB scent stick)! [Source link-Amazon]


   sWaP Rebel Touchscreen Phone Watch
What is this?
"Calling Dick Tracy!  Calling Dick Tracy!

[source link]

Nike+ sports tech - you should get your kids instead of an Xbox! 

Ipod Nano-need I say more...

The smart I-device-o-phile should read the reviews before buying an Ipad
[link here to Gizmodo thumbs down review]
I can think of many ways to adapt this stand, though and it is cheap comparatively.

Anything Radio Shack is awesome for the geek present exchange AND my youngest daughter's best friend manages the local one!

[Electronics 303 Snap-Kit-Link here]

An electronics kit for geek progeny  the best buy for the youngster at that ready to learn age!  Great reviews. Reviews are the best way to determine your buying!

Quick buy this now do not delay! Funny Christmas wrapping paper!

[source link]

 Geek wrapping paper is really cool! Zombie, Equation, Politically Correct and The Matrix designs!
[source link]

Get a playlist!

[Link here to Song Facts.com]

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