Sunday, December 26, 2010


My 35th high school reunion is in July 2011.  Facegook hooked me up on that end.  7 new facebook friends that actually knew who I was when I posted to them.  4 more friends who didn't really remember or know me. 

One being happy that I played the apps and wanted to be my neighbor and get some neighbors from me as well.  When my computer went down  from my move, I stopped playing Farmville, etc.

If high school represented a minute in my life, then I have lived almost 9 times that minute.  I had finally found and made love with immense passion.  I lived life and created it.  I did most of this on a generic budget, but my experiences have been far from that. 

I don't know if being remembered is such a great thing.  The one FB user that plays farmville in my class shared geometry with me in 10th grade and wanted to copy off my work and tests all the time.  I didn't tell her that it was for that reason I remembered her so well and the fact that she was the only blond I ever met that fit the cliche.  Most blonds are actually pretty damn smart!
Madison, Wisconsin which I liked the nickname Mad City because I put that one to the test.  When I left Wisconsin, I was 20 and my mom was trying to get me away from my drug direction and into the Air Force
(where I found more drugs and more alcohol and I could afford them because they paid me)!

This would be my picture of what an alumni should look like.  If they all looked like this I would be attending.  Titty bong and all.  Maybe I am a snob.  I knew just a handful of people in high school.  I tried so hard to be popular by having parties and wanting a boyfriend so bad.  Nobody took me on.  I only had one real date in 9th grade with a 12th grader.  We went to the movies.  He asked me to prom the wrong way "I am going to be spending a lot of money to get a tux", he said.  I told him to save his money and prom was a pretend you are your parents thing anyway. I later found out that he was talking about how I used his bathroom once and he sat on the toilet after wards and said he sat in the same place my ass was...and that didn't go well with a 14 yr old girl in the early 70'

If I gauged my life on who I was in high school, then I would be nobody.  Our standards were based on what things smelled like, if they tasted good and did I have to walk there?  If it was gross it was cool. If you said gross it was cool.  Some of the words we used were 'excellent'  'take a burn' 'you're a dildo' 'killer' .  Saturday Night Live came out when I was in high school and a lot of words came from them, but at moment, I can't remember.  Maybe a tell tale sign of age or of the unimportance of that time.

I never really had grow up with friends.  We moved as my dad climbed the payscale and always somewhere different even within the same town.  And although 4 yrs seemed a lifetime...

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1 comment:

Tim Chaney said...

I wasn't into school at all. Everyone had their clicks they hung out with.

However, the only reunion I missed was our 5 year reunion. For our 20 year reunion I went to that "Black Tie" affair in a "Space your Face," Grateful Dead tie die T-Shirt.

I was a big hit, everyone could spot me across the big dance hall wearing my colors LoL

I've had good times at those events, even the people I thought were nerdy way back then it was good to see them.

Of course I heard comments like, "Isn't that the same shirt you wore on the last day of school!"