Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rednek Evolution

Cartoon face by MadelineWoe AKA Bluezy

I live in Idaho Falls.  
Years ago back in the '90's, I saw a picture of fast waters and natural beauty in a National Geographic of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.  Frustrated with my Hippiesque bohemian ways being transformed into a greedy entry way to gangs and higher drugs, I did not like where I lived.  I used to joke with my kids, husband and the boyfriend of six years that Idee Ho and you all are gonna follow.

These are kind of the pictures I saw in Nat Geo, 
but Nat Geo was better, of course.  
This is Post Falls Dam near Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. 
Other pictures below are of what the article said 
of the nature around CDA.  It supposedly had the 
largest Osprey (water eagle) population of over 
10,000 at the time.

[click to see Tom Munson Gallery]
the gallery seeks and destroys photo links a sign of the new age of copyright protection, but go see this gallery it is awesome.  You would think they like us to share link tastes of their work.  It is free advertising.  Guess not....

[click to Scott Linstead Gallery]
Also the law was not friendly in Bakersfield, CA.  Everybody thinks that California is free and easy state where hippies live and all, but the fact is that a metro area like Bakersfield fought that scene very hard and mean like.  They were afraid of turning into another Los Angeles. The caption on the police car is not a lie.  A lot of why I wanted to go to Ideeho had to do with the assholes below.
I was really tired of metro militant ghetto gang hell.  Ideeho in my mind was a place where that all was not happening.
[Funny story about this decal on snopes here]

[click to watch trailer]

 I ended up here in Idaho Falls, but Coeur D'Alene 
was my first choice. 
It was my youngest daughter who moved here in 2004.  
I was living 6 hours northeast near Billings, MT.  
I ended up here three years later, after I actually 
                                                                   saw my grandchildren for the first time.
                                                                   I tell my youngest now the she da HO and I followed.  
                                                                   It took me from that first magazine picture when she 
                                                                   was still small to her growing up to be here.  
                                                                   It was Idaho our thumbtack in the map!

Eagle Monument Fountain in Idaho Falls.  Idaho Falls  used to be called Eagle Rock.
Funny thing before I headed out to Idaho Falls where my youngest daughter moved to after asking my opinion of what Idaho city to move to (this was my third choice), I sent my eldest daughter so I could have them both in the same town I lived in.  The day my eldest daughter was leaving we were in Ellensburg, WA standing outside when we heard a "whoosh whoosh" sound above our heads. Whoa! My daughter says it is a bald eagle.  OMG it was right over our heads heading in the direction of the freeway we were taking to Idaho.  It perched in a tree for an hour before we left just staring at that direction. It is amazing on how loud those massive wings flapping sound like!

 I guess it is where I needed to be right then and now.  I am not so looney, but if a bird or any of nature's creatures tries to get my attention, I try to analyze if there is a message.  One time it was a dragonfly that just had no fear of me and I was might want to tell me something, but I could not understand that kind of buzzing. LOL

If I actually was devout to the religion I was born, I would figure that St. Francis would be my patron or at least kindred.  All those little wafers since I was seven had to amount to some kind of Catholic guardianship.  My mom still prays for me.

List is from an annual report from Farmers Insurance Group

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Pretty looking Osprey there!

Tim Chaney said...

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Bluezy said...

I knew you would like the osprey. Both those galleries are awesome. I had manipulated the top picture and decided that story of the northern trail was appropriate.