Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Robbing" Banksy!

Graffiti two "F's" one "T".....
Madeline Woe is my artistic pseudonym born in the 90's with doodling, wall art (my own home), tattoo stenciling and poems at the time drug induced...she emerged.  It was inspired by Jane Doe, and I made a more fancy yet anonymous unknown name.  I thought, one could not just tag my toe and call me Doe...maybe something fancier like Madeline Woe. see it.  Yep... When I come up with something arsty, I blame her.  She is the Hermitess and doesn't get around much.  The blog allows me to exploit her a bit.

I really love urban art and banksy is an original master.  If you don't know him...
just image Google him -About 1,300,000 results  (0.18 seconds)
or everything Google him -About 205,000 results (0.27 seconds)

[click here to explore banksy's website]   

The artistic taggers are what make urban art so appealing to me.  Some unknown street person illegally adorning the cold ugly city.  I always watch for train cars that have graffiti just for that one or two that stand out artistically. You know you seen them...  There is sooooo much urban art going on illegal then turned legal. 

Train art has been indexed on many websites here's a couple:

[Click here to Art Crimes:Trains website]
[Click here to St. Louis Freights] this site is organized so well in alphabetical order

Jean Michel Basquiat-SAMO graffiti

Saigon and Iro-Albuquerque

Last two are from Dondi-Brooklyn (RIP 1998) from HIV

Swoon's Urban Art

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[NYC Abandoned subway tunnel art project link]
This is a good site for information on graffiti "neopoly's blog"
SoleHipHop is another link to banksy topic.


Tim Chaney said...

Happy Birthday! Really cool pictures.

Bluezy said...

Thank you, Tim. Yep I am officially now sister wanted to argue the fact that I was 54 because I am 4 years younger and she is 57. And I was the blond child. She got the jet black hair from my mom...But both of us now have the same hair color, but I reveled in the fact that I was prematurely grey and it goes well with a tan. She dumped the bottle color only a year ago.