Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Dog Came By Here

A Dog Came By Here by ~MadelineWoe on deviantART

#8 in my "Profane The Arts Project" Blue Boy now has his fly open and denying that he has anything to do with the poo and pee I added as well.  The picture was painted circa 1770.
[click here to read history of plumbing]
A new discovery of mine is the google timeline! If you ever wonder when something was invented.
[click here to see the toilet timeline]

I remember my childhood events based on what school I went to. When we moved from Cali to Madison, Wisconsin, I was going into the second grade. Each grade of school from that point on I had a different school. It is kind of like bookmarking my memories knowing what happened because of what school and what neighborhood.

I was in third grade and we lived on Sheboygan Ave. It was a tall building and we lived on the 6th floor. The apartment building was called Sheboygan Towers. It had a pool and an elevator. What fun! Adjacent to a park! The park had a woodeded area with a trail. I used to go there and pretend to be an indian.

One particular time I was researching indian gum. I found some sticks that had some styrofoam like stuff in it and then put it in my mouth. I was so excited. I was a great explorer and discoverer of Indian Gum!

I spent who knows how long in this wooded area until I had to go poo. I found a spot after divining the thought that leaves were on earth for Indians to have toilet paper. Indians had a err...rough life.  When all was done, I rushed back to where the ancient tribes had left their gum plantation.  I heard some people walking and talking.  I realized they were going in the direction of my poo.  I was kind of worried of someone discovering it.  I heard a kid say, "Ew a dog must of just been here.  That poop is steaming and it was a big dog"!  I was sort of offended yet I was also content.  THE DOG DID IT!

When I searched playlist for the word "shit" it found 1423 songs.  When I searched for "fucking shit" it gave me 44 songs.  Oh there are 111 when I search "poop".
So here is a sampling of Fucking Shit and poop songs!  Have a nice day!

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