Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Febris Dolores Bieber by ~MadelineWoe on deviantART

This would be the seventh in my "profane the art boredom manipulation project".
Suffering with fever of Bieber in Latin from the translator.

Some DJ mixers just sound like nails scratching on a chalkboard when they try to combine songs.  When crawling the virtual dumpster, I came across this mix and it is actually well blended and it is like the two collaborated on this song.  Madonna and Chris Isaak ...who would of thought...?

I was born and raised Catholic.
I remember visiting my grandma and staying at her apartment. I can remember the smell of talcum powder after she showered in the morning. She would drink her coffee with carnation evaporated milk. There was a period of time in the morning that she was pretty much unattainable. We all knew we just had to wait until her routine was over and then she would talk. It was like she raced at getting ready to sit down and pray the rosary. Every single bead and prayer, every single day!
She was forever old since my awareness and until she died at age 96.

When I became mature in life, I had been approached by all sort of anti Catholic opinions from lovers and friends...

I was never devout, but there is a certain romanticism in Catholicism that I love. The art always intriguing and historical. The pedophile priest scandal...I just don't know..but I always felt sorry for nuns and priests when I was young. I had imprinted early in my mind that happiness meant to fall in love and get married.

I like a horror movie when the Roman Catholics are involved. That is why I included the trailer below.

I speak like I am apart from that...and I guess I am. I believe in G double O Dee.
GOOD involves a lot of things in life...

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The Exorcist came out in 1973.  I was 15 at the time.  It was the kind of movie I was not allowed to see.  I remember when my parents took us to go see Warren Beatty's  movie "Shampoo" when I was almost 18 and with in the first 5 mins, they rushed us out of the theater because a woman was giving somebody a blowjob under the table.  It was embarrassing yet ambiguously educational.  I was still quite the young pot smoking virgin, back then.  Intrigued, yet a bit afraid of the cock sucking concept. LOL.   Later after the loss of innocence, I realized the anatomical phenonema of a beautifully aroused penis, though, like a geek at the comic con or trek convention!
I went to see The Exorcist in 1976 with a high school friend Pam Woodruff.  I got stoned and sneaked in a couple of quarts of beer in our backpacks.  Pam didn't smoke, but she drank up with me.  We laughed through the movie.  My favorite Linda Blair/Regan quote is "Your mother fucks a crucifix"!  I fucking cracked up when I heard her say that! But apparently it might of been "Your mother sucks cocks in hell"!  Who ever made the following movie must of watched the movie with me and Pam. LOL


Bouncin' Barb said...

You might piss off some religious folks, but that was friggen' funny. And I haven't even watched it with the sound on. Will do that later. Thanks for a good laugh.

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That's hilarious!!!

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