Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is a video response to "After The Goldrush" concerning his blog post [link here] about "The Voice".
"And I I owe it to someone"
(I had always thought it was "And I feel like I'm always someone") And that feeling had been long and strong for me! All I could think of  to the post are the words in this song.  Has nothing to do with crack insinuations or Pimp Daddy labeling, but with me this is a personal song. 

Ages of CSN in this video: Crosby 68, Stills 64, Nash 67
They sure are looking and sounding great. This concert was recorded in October 2009!
Crosby is 15 yrs from his liver transplant. And damn I read up on the wiki. He was busted seven years later with a an ounce of weed and some other drama.  Medicinal marijuana...for sure.

10 years off the Jenny Crank diet plan...but I would take a bong hit and hope I live another day?  I quit the buddah for job and health, though.  Loved that sticky greenbud, though! 


Bouncin' Barb said...

These guys are legends in their own time. I am happy DC got his transplant and stayed off the bad stuff. 15 years with a foreign organ in you is amazing. Could listen to those guys for 50 more years. Nice post. Thanks.

Tim Chaney said...

199 years combined, what a great version of this song.

I agree, "stinky....good!." :O

afterthegoldrush said...

A testament to individuality.

Tim Chaney said...

Nice colorful background~! I had David Crosby hair in high school ; )

Bluezy said...

Yeah. David Crosby must be one heck of a grandpa to have. His bald head and wild hair with side burns is a great look. He has type II diabetes, as well as the donor liver. Stephen Stills seems to be the only one putting up a sweat. Hmm...I realized that this concert was filmed in Mad City (Madison), Wi where I spent a split 8 yrs of my childhood in. It is also where I met a guy named Mr. Natural a few

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