Saturday, January 1, 2011

Medusa Incognita

Renaissance Of A Gorgon by MadelineWoe
Happy New Year to my blogging friends!  

You might be able to interpret my mood via my posts...
I am feeling sort of bored and dumpy of late.  I decided when my ex husband of 14 yrs (1979-1992) passed that life was too short to labor daily at a minimum wage rate full time.  I guess like Medusa, I am in my island cave and I am feeling like a snaky haired ancient that if gazed upon will turn you to stone!

Drugs and infidelity on both ends (his-on some greater level of my unacceptance) ended our marriage.  I found a pony to ride and flaunt quickly. It is not like that is what I was out looking to round up like some cowgirl, but in retrospect, it is how I describe it.

Johnny was fun, but an ass with an ass. His best ass_et was the sexual energy we had.  I had to make lots of excuses for his obnoxious behavior, though.  He wanted to be 'the daddy' for my kids.   I wanted John Wayne with a hippy sort of attitude and he was John Whine waiting for my child support and food stamps. After 6 yrs of him not taking charge, that relationship ended.  Rather sexist of me to want my man to have some part in supporting me...

Possibly...Every woman wants to be a Goddess...Every man most likely a God. 

I think Medusa exemplifies what that all turns into on the woman's side with all those wants and expectations. 

In the Legend, Medusa symbolizes the punitive end of a vain woman.  Forever the woman, but her gaze is a man's demise.  Cursed be!  Destroyer of men! lol

Actually my idea here was to take old art and alter it.  In this particular picture, I thought maybe something hidden under that scarf.  I was thinking of ferrets poking out or rats in a hidden rats nest.  I have a few more I will be creating to bore or amuse you with.  Then match music to it as always!

I am using my GIMP manipulation free photoshop clone and messing around.  I was just going to post this and a song.  I discovered there are more than 12  pages of music under the search Medusa on where I get my music player embeds from.  I included a fair sampling. 

GIMP free download [here] 

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