Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Not Politically Correct Animation by MadelineWoe aka Bluezy

I am not really political.  I have my ideals in what I believe America should be.  I did 6 yrs in the USAF Reserves and was a military wife for 14 yrs.  The service did not define my political views.  The shit that is going on over this Sarah Palin target map is downwight weediculous!
The Coincidental Cross Hair Plot of Sarah Palin.
"We must make cross hairs illegal"!  They should just shut the fuck up and wonder how the survivors are doing!

 As I crawled the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet:
The word "Crosshairs".
-Google Search gives  About 26,500,000 results (0.09 seconds).  It was only in the millions an hour ago. Did all the Yogi Bears wake up in protest?
Where I dug up the mention of making crosshairs illegal was here and there. So I made this video before it becomes illegal!  I had intended to put targets on all the Bugs and Daffys, but forgot.  I decided to do it to the White House because Sarah has her crosshairs aimed in that direction.

-Yahoo Search ( I hardly use it) gives 1,000,000 results for crosshairs.
I don't usually use Yahoo search, but I am using an old computer that has it in the toolbar.  I am glad I did.  I found this pic:
[link to source]
-Bing Search  989,000 results
I found this doodle sort of dark genre scribble.  Like it.

I learned how to make the letters curve in a YouTube tutorial. The expert was like a 12-14 yr old boy. 

Get a playlist!

(Post Edit Jan 13)
In the wake of all this violence, let us please refrain from ridiculous accusations.  Although Palin is an overtly aristocratic redneck wanna be politician, her tactics are far from plots and plans for lunatics!  She may just be desperate for the 4.7 million American NRA votes and/or found a venue in reality TV that fits her and her genre.

I cried when I watched the memorial.  I did not mean ANY disrespect toward the shootings in Arizona.


Bouncin' Barb said...

Made me think of Mountain Home(?) Air Force Base. Beautiful country out there.

Great post. Ridiculous that we have to even think about it. Politicians suck.

Bluezy said...

Personally, I think from Boise to Pocatello Idaho looks pretty drab. I think that is the flat place they grow potatoes in. I can't stand all flat. Idaho Falls is flat but there is a mountain view that leads to the Wyoming border towards the Tetons you can see it here but I'd prefer to be closer.

I would prefer Myrtle any day! Love the beach. Like a colder beach but the beach is for this beeche!Mountain Home is a lie. One fucking mountain in a potato desert. Thank god we were stationed in Northern Cali.

Tim Chaney said...

It's so flat on this pennsula that a speed bump is considered a "Ridge."

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