Friday, January 21, 2011

Waning Gibbous 97% of Full

[Listening to Dark Moor playing Vivaldi's The Four Seasons Concerto no. 4 Winter]

While crawling in The Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet:
When I Google "Blue Moon" = About 20,700,000 results (0.14 seconds)
When I Image Google "Blue Moon" = About 45,100,000 results (0.23 seconds)

Blue Moon Brewing Company Website
is really a lovely flash website.

"Blue Moons"
the late 20th - early 21st Century
1996 July 30
1999 January 31
1999 March 31
2001, November 30
2004, July 31
2007, June 30
2009, December 31
2012, August 31

A Dumpster treasure:  "Rosebud's Moon Links" 
Do you know what all the moon names are?  Are you curious?
[Link Here]

Well 3% of the Full moon is already gone.  If you didn't know, the last Full Moon was NOT a Blue Moon.

If you are planning to know when the next Blue Moon will come around...there are two definitions on what a Blue Moon is. 
-When there are two full moons in one month, the second Moon is called a Blue Moon.
-The third full moon in a season of 4 full moons is also called a Blue Moon (old way).
The second definition is a never ending dumpster dive of trying to get the date, so I found pictures and a calendar with the moons phases on it.  And counted the third Full moon from this latest Winter Solstice.  Well, that was too much work for me, but I did it. Here are the links so you can do it, too. 
(What fucking fun! I could use one of those Blue Moon Beers, now)!

 Link here to the "Old Farmer's Almenac"
The Almenac is always fun and goes in all directions!~

Here is the latest in my "Profane the Arts Boredom Project".

Mona Possessed


Bouncin' Barb said...

Now I'm singing "Blue Moon" and can't get it out of my head!! haha

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Wow! Mona looks HOT!!!