Thursday, February 10, 2011


As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet....

I was looking for a paisley background and came across BATIK and remembered how much I love it!
If you Google image search Batik you get About 27,700,000 results  (0.15 seconds)
Again, let me pick through the Virtual Dumpster and select some treasure!

Back in the 80's I had a favorite gauze like shirt that was Batik. It was 100% cotten and it was also 100% cozy. I wore it to death.

[Link to gallery]
[Link here to a well balanced sampling and website on Batik]
Peter Votichenko from the above  Pico Batik web, describes Batik:
"There are many sites on the web that describe the fascinating and intricate process of batik in detail. What I love about the technique is the ability to achieve brilliant colors, the smooth flow of hot wax into fabric, the smell of the hot bees wax, and the perpetual source of surprise that batik provides".

Janet Searfoss has a nice collection and quite a production set up [link here]

I came across this awesome HOW TO video on Batik;

This is the bottle she is using and what it is called.

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Scary Mary said...

I remember we had to do this in school, in art class:) I made a pillow case with a rose on, which I still have in some box on the atticc somewhere.. I even had some batik sewather long time ago. No batik for me anymore though. nowadays it's mostly black and lepoard prints;)