Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Choice Women Of Music Week Day 3 - Stevie

I never liked the bird in this album cover. It is a Cockatoo?  Excuse me...?  Cockatoo?  Nah that just doesn't seem to fit the Stevie Wild Heart image. Faerie light, a snow bird, a vortex of white and blue neon? A silver dragon fairy Or the fucking MOON? 

This is probably how it went down: 
The photographer after having snorted his bullet for the 20th time looks over the scene and says,  "Hey something is missing the picture needs more....We tried the rose in teeth stomping your boots when holding the tambourine while spinning...let's just put that down..oh wait- yea stack them up -YES that is good right there next to Ms Nicks...but still something is missing?"  Stevie adds, "Maybe..a white winged dove sings a song sounds like she's singing Whoo baby Whoo".  Prop man digging in prop box quickly pulls out a white feathery stuffed COCKATOO.  The photographer is staring off in a glaze thinking that Ms. Nicks could put crap on her head and spin around saying "Dookie Dookie" and make a million...then noticing his bullet is empty snaps out of his daydream, "Let's wrap this up, Cockatoo it is"!
Actually according to old trivia on rockalittle.com
On the cover of the album "Bella Donna," Stevie is holding a bird. Whose bird was that and what was the bird's name? Answer: The bird belongs to Stevie's brother, Christopher Nicks, and the bird's name is Maxwelton or Max. [As a little girl] I dreamed only about giving a little fairy tale to people. That's what the outfit is on my album cover [Bella Donna], that's what that bird is. That bird belongs to my brother, that's the only reason I could work with a wild animal. That's Max on the front. ~from High Times, 1982

Stevie is 62 yrs old. She is looking still so magically beautiful.
Sorry I dissed on the brother's bird...


Tim Chaney said...

Still love that witchy woman!

Bluezy said...

Me too, Tim. I had the best concert experience with her I plan to blog on it sometime. She is definitely the first lady when it comes to music.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Leather and Lace with Don Henley was and will always be my favorite song of hers.

afterthegoldrush said...

She's a gypsy!!!