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Choice Women Of Music Week Day 4 - Cyndi

Rollin' And Tumblin' @YouTube
Cyndi Lauper
featuring Ann Peebles (original Memphis Blues woman) and her band!

"She's So Unusual"!
I took on this "Women in Music" to be able to use my GIMP (free photoshop/paint like program) more and practice.  I really like Cyndi, but she has manipulated her look so much, it was hard to figure out how to display her. I found a different look that I liked, then I decided to try to paint a background dead trees and autumn colors.  Took me 5 mins to do that.  GIMP has paint brushes in the shape of dead trees and a grunge brush to dapple the color.  I just chose the colors and how many times to dapple.

Like Jon Lovitz as the "Master Thespian" on Saturday Night Live would yell "Acting"!  
Myself becoming the Mistress Manipulator then I shall yell, "Art"!

"It doesn't make much difference how the paint is put on as long as something has been said. Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement.”
~ Jackson Polluck~

Cyndi has been busy her whole life!  If you don't do anything, but just appreciate a song or two on the radio or streams you really could not tell that there is a whole lot of Cyndi besides her "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" singing image!  

As I crawled in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet: 

I found so much more than that "Unusual" girl when searching Cyndi!

Her current work "Memphis Blues" and her 11th studio album is charted number 1 in 2010! 
I remember her in one movie circa late '80s...
If you are curious about this girl (now 57) it is all in her wiki! [link here]

It took me some sitting on this egg to make it hatch:
I listened to Cyndi and her band do Rollin' and Tumblin' then I listened to Muddy Waters....

I found a photo of Cyndi's new look and matched colored it to a painting of Muddy by an artist named Jeff DOttavio
[link to see his gallery] 

David W. Boles uses the word "hag" in a go around way to basically describe Cyndi and mentions her age (57) to be an expected reason to be a hag.  He describes her voice as "soulless....not suited for the Blues genre".

To read his article dissing on Cyndi [link here]
In my search as well, I encountered the above mentioned blog network called Boles?  
I started looking around his network and I enjoyed reading Urban Semiotic there were some articles of interest.  Boles Blogs  lists the blogs that are networked there.  I spent some time crawling around...

What led me there was the word failed next to Cyndi? Now who is that blogger in the boo section me thinks?  Well, they are more of a network of blog writers or a magazine.  I don't know what kind of money people can make on a never ending abyss of text in the Virtual Dumpster I call the Internet. I am sure that these guys get paid for writing.  

The article was  an older one from last year, but I guess Cyndi dared like some article on their magazine and published it on her website.... I am not sure if it was the whole thing without a source or media rationale?  I was not able to see it, I guess she removed it as common courtesy would be.  As I see it  the owner of the material should first contact the person who "mistakenly" published your work or part of it with a link and ask them to not do so.  They most likely will take it off.  
But, this guy (David) he gets all butt hurt and writes about it and claims his bad review of Cyndi Memphis Blues has nothing to do with her "stealing" a web story.   Go read his terrible review, please!
He comes on like some Blues music connoisseur from a club that won't let Cyndi belong.

I don't dare paste a sentence and start him to whining about people copying his shit. However, no one (even David Boles) bats and eyelash when embedding a YouTube Video.  It is because YouTube CAN have all sorts of copies of artists works cuz like Cyndi put it in a song "Money Money changes everythin'" and Google won that battle with Viacom. 

PING!!!! Droop!
I made up an imaginary award (I guess that is blog tradition) based on David W. Boles' icon.  I call it the LIMP award (Like Impotent Mushy Penis).
I can see how when he put the d and the b together he became self satisfied that it was phallic.  I bet he designed it in 3rd grade or 4th...when ever he discovered his penis or other boys' penis. In his little boy voice says, "Some day I will use this symbol and show the world"!  His prick? 
Boles network [link here]

Quit beating down the “Unusual Girl” it is like picking on the “mentally handicapped” (pc) at school. Bully Bully!  And be careful about calling the old OLD when you are young.  It is guaranteed karma to get E.D.
My stepson used to tease the bald when he was 17 with long locks of rock star hair.  When he was 24 he was full chrome dome on the top of  his head.  Karma is bad.   I personally don't mind baldness, but it is an ego crusher to a lot of men, it seems.

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